Ike Ronson is a Division Agent, that was stationed in New York City. He's affiliated with Mantis, a member of the Black Tusk. During an occasion, he accidentally left civilians to die by enemy hands, after receiving a call from Mantis. Ike Ronson was then flagged as a rogue agent, but the countermeasures device given from Mantis prevent his Division watch from turning red.

Biography Edit

His mission given by Mantis was to assist April Kelleher with her objective, which is unknown to Ronson, but later to be revealed to him that she is after the rumor of the Broad Spectrum Anti-Viral (BSAV), a cure to the Green Poison. He then contacted Mantis about the BSAV, and the Black Tusk soon arrive at the JTF site at Ann Arbor, Michigan, to retrieve them. Not before an agent named Aurelio Diaz tracked him down from New York, to avenge the accident that Ronson caused by failing to protect the civilians. Diaz knocks him out, and ties him in a chair, leaving the possibility that the Black Tusk has rescued him after they arrive and secure the JTF facility.

Motives Edit

Ike Ronson has different goals than that of other rogue agents. He believes that the SHD and the JTF are unable to help the current situation and instead turn to the Black Tusk in order to set up a stronger America.

Appearances Edit

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