Incursions are a type of mission in Tom Clancy's The Division. Exclusive to the end game and only available after the agent completes the General Assembly mission and reaches level 30. Incursions take place after the events of the main story, after the main enemy factions were splintered and weakened by the efforts of the Joint Task Force and the Strategic Homeland Division. They are considered among the most difficult Player VS Environment (PvE) content in the game, similar in difficulty and impact to endgame "raids" in other games.

Incursions can be completed at different difficulty levels for top-level rewards, including High-End, guaranteed Exotic, and Gear Set pieces of gear, as well as exclusive cosmetics to each encounter and difficulty level. Since Update 1.4, they can be completed repeatedly instead of once a week for rewards, and specific Incursions will now guarantee rewards for specific gear slots (previously, each Incursion guaranteed rewards from a specific Gear Set).

List of Incursions Edit

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