Jason I. Bernara is a missing Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) agent activated as part of the First Wave to take back New York.

Psychological Profile:
  • Father worked at WTC and was rescued by an EMT on 9/11; this inspired Bernard to become EMT against family wishes.
  • Suffers periodic bouts of anxiety and depression. All symptoms are under control with medication.
  • High school athlete but tore ACL senior year, leading to scholarship offers being rescinded. Works out diligently & studies hapkido.
  • Extremely intelligent & thinks quickly on his feet. Capable of improvising solutions from materials at hand and is not squeamish about implementing them.
  • EMT career has been distinguished. Always willing to take the worst & most dangerous calls; feels he has to live up to the example of the woman who saved his father. Focuses on what is left to achieve, not what he has done.


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