I will hunt you down.
- Javier Kajika

Javier Kajika was a Rogue First Wave Division Agent part of Aaron Keener's squadron of Rogue Agents in Warlords of New York of Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Profile Edit

Javier operated as a Black Operations' hitman for the U.S. government. When the government collapsed during the outbreak, he went rogue, his loyalty now goes to whoever will feed his need for blood. Intel suggests, before his death, that he is hidden somewhere in the area of Battery Park. He was recruited by Keener on the agreement that the former will help him in taking his revenge against the JTF and the Division for betraying them.

As part of the agreement, Keener ordered Vivian Conley to team Kajika as a partner for the Cleaners. Kajika in turn leads the Cleaners under his command to attack JTF personnel and capture the JTF leaders that he believes wronged him, brutally executing them afterwards.

Biography Edit

Javier Kajika was born in Belen, New Mexico and was a decorated, former JSOC Operative who was recruited by The Division for his vast experience and tactical skills. Kajika was considered instrumental to The Division's first wave, but he went off the grid after the Joint Task Force pulled out of the Dark Zone in Midtown. The Division has failed to track him down ever since, but a number of targeted strikes at JTF officers and patrols have credited to Kajika.

 Events prior Tom Clancy's The Division 2's Warlords of New York Edit

Javier Kajika came to notice by Strategic Homeland Division recruiters as a potential agent candidate. Due to his records as a hitman, the recruiters stated that his mental resilience and skills sets made him a perfect candidate. Kajika was selected in the end.

Kajika was activated in New York City to contain the quarantine zone in midtown. Kajika was confident that he and his fellow First Wave Division agents will get their job done while having doubts in the JTF. During an evacuation of the zone, he requested support of the JTF as he was rescuing civilians. JTF Command rejected the backup, which left him in a very bad catch-22 situation. If he left the civilians, ISAC will mark him as rogue. If he stayed, he will die.

Kajika was furious at the JTF for "betraying" him and determined to kill all those who left him to die. Fellow rogue Division agent Aaron Keener saw this as an opportunity to weaken the JTF forces. He then contacted Kajika and promised him that he will give him names of his betrayers, in return he would kill them for him. As a down payment, Keener brought a JTF officer for Kajika to kill.

Keener then asked fellow rogue Division agent and current leader of the Cleaners, Vivian Conley, to let Kajika work with her crew. Conley refused at first, but Keener persuaded her in the end.

After Kajika joined the Cleaners, he would occasionally ask for their support. If they refused, he would threaten them.

 Tom Clancy's The Division 2's Warlords of New York Edit

Kajika was requested by Keener to aid his attack on the JTF Base of Operations in Lower Manhattan, the New York City Hall. He was tasked to eliminate the JTF guards on site with fellow rogue Division agents Theo Parnell and James Dragov, while Vivian Conley set up Keener's explosive devices on the pillars. A Division agent from Washington, D.C., recovered a footage of the attack, and identified Kajika and the four other rogue agents.

In order to get to Keener and bring justice to Kajika, the agent from Washington, D.C. set out to hunt down Kajika. Due to limited Intel, the agent investigated a site where a JTF convoy was attacked, and knew that Kajika was there. The agent then got words from the Peacekeepers, that there are Cleaner movements at the Hugh Carey Tunnel. The agent went to the site and hollowed out the Cleaners there, and discovered an ECHO, which showed that Kajika was taking a hostage from the convoy to Pathway Park, an underground park.

The agent went to Pathway Park, and found Kajika. To mess with them, Kajika executed his hostage in front of them and then disappeared. Kajika then regrouped with the Cleaners and assaulted the agent. The agent, however, prevailed and killed most of the Cleaners Kajika brought, he then escaped into the tunnels. The agent went after him, but stumbled across a Cleaners' operation to attack Haven using a drill. The agent then eliminated the drill using explosives all in the meantime, Kajika prepared his defenses.

The agent and Kajika faced off at a boiler room, where Kajika took advantage of the steam and used it to attack the agent. The agent shut down the steam and continued to wound Kajika and evaded his attacks. The agent then forced Kajika to come down to the water where they were to level the playing field. Kajika took the bait, and rushed to the agent with his signature knife. They then gunned down Kajika and the rest of the Cleaner forces. The agent took Kajika's smartwatch for Faye Lau to further investigate on Keener's whereabouts.

Abilities Edit

Kajika is known to be a master of stealth and infiltration.

His skill is the Shock Trap and upon killing him, you will receive his unique skill.

Kajika is armed with a bow loaded with explosive arrows and a customized MPX for close range, similar to Outcast Snipers.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only agent that was recruited out of Black Operations.
  • He is the only Division agent to be equipped with a bow for stealth.
  • He uses a machete as a melee weapon.
  • He is known to be the fastest agent and rogue.


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