We're in deep with the Skulls MC, the most dangerous outlaw bikers in the tri-state area, and you can't get us the equipment I need to shoot? What kind of amateur operation is this?
- Joe Chavez, missing First Wave Division agent

Joe Chavez is a missing Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) agent activated as part of the First Wave to take back New York.

Psychological Profile:
  • Experienced cameraman with time spent in emergency and war zones. Has covered crime, natural disasters, revolution, and war. Is very hard to faze as a result.
  • Received Louisiana Medal of Honor for rescuing a drowning child while in town filming stories about Hurricane Katrina. Kidnapped twice, in Iraq and Eritrea. Remains calms under pressure and does not give into panic regardless of circumstance.
  • Admits to using marijuana and drinking socially. Has one DUI charge (dismissed) on his record. Is capable of driving any vehicle imaginable, and probably has done so while on assignment.
  • Does not hesitate to put himself at risk. Is impulsive and takes chances for the sake of "the story"; presumably would do the same upon activation. Does not put others as risk, only himself.
  • Joe is mentioned in the Skull MC gloves info box.


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