Joe Ferro is a former sanitation worker and the founder and leader of the Cleaners. His headquarters makes the napalm that the cleaners use to fuel their flamethrowers. He is killed by Division agents who storm his headquarters.

Biography Edit

Before the outbreak of the Green Poison, Ferro lived and worked as a sanitation worker with his wife in Manhattan. He liked to call in to live radio broadcasts. When the outbreak happened, his wife succumbed to the virus. In response, he founded the Cleaners and became a psychopathic pyromaniac who believed that the only way to destroy the virus is with fire. He is a misguided antagonist who thinks he's a hero. Ferro believes that the only true way to ensure the destruction of the Green Poison is to destroy any object or person that may be infected. He believes that this is the only way to ensure the future of humanity and that the current authority is too soft to carry out what needs to be done. Ferro will kill anyone to complete his goal. His psychosis is most likely due to the fact that his wife was one of the first victims of the epidemic.

Joe can be seen wearing a custom cleaner suit, consisting of much larger napalm tanks, the suit is yellow in color in contrast to the typical red that Cleaners wear.

In a phone recording, it is revealed that Joe has a niece of which he deeply cares for.

When the player is storming the Napalm Production Site, he addresses the agent(s). In a way, he seems to understand the player might be from the federal government, but also tells the player to turn back as him and his cleaners are doing what they believe the player and the government aren't "brave" enough to do.

His death does not effect the cleaners as much as other factions losing their leaders. The cleaners, unlike the other factions, have a goal that merely requires them to continue destroying the virus and contaminated objects. Though the destruction of the napalm production site is a severe blow to their efforts.


Joe is a stronger variant of the typical Incinerator class enemy. His only weapons are fire bombs and his flamethrower. When the player is too far away, or when a turret has been placed, Joe will run up and attack when in range to use his primary weapon. As with other Incinerators, he has three fuel tanks that can be shot and detonated- that will take a good chunk of his armor and health. His flamethrower's range is pretty far, so don't be fooled, run away when he's close, and take cover.