The Joint Task Force (JTF) is a coalition of police officers, firefighters, civil volunteers, and army national guardsmen formed in the aftermath of the "Dollar Flu" smallpox outbreak on Black Friday. Led by NYPD Captain Roy Benitez and working in tandem with CERA, the group was initially chartered with the purpose of curbing the spread of the virus, efficiently distributing aid supplies, and maintaining order in New York City; however, the organization's grip on control gradually disintegrated as the disease continued to spread and panic took hold. Since then, the JTF has been considerably weakened and decentralized due to the incessant threat of several hostile factions, having been relegated to a small handful of safe houses throughout the city.

Intelligence Brief

The JTF was formed by several local, state, and federal emergency service and military agencies including the NYPD, FDNY, and New York National Guard. Understaffed and overworked with meager resources, they have been stretched thin to say the least. As ensuing unrest decimated their ranks, the JTF lost control of New York, leaving the city to turn into a lawless death-trap for all its citizens. Unable to effectively coordinate and manage the response, the JTF now puts their hope in the members of The Division to lead the way. As such, all Division agents are strongly encouraged to assist the JTF, wherever possible, whether it's protecting supply drops or aiding civilians in need. Troops are scattered around New York and are ready to assist SHD agents or be assisted by them. Most men and women are tasked to protect the Base of Operations and Camp Hudson while few of them are in charge of gathering information and reconnaissance and sending this data to SHD. The JTF also mans various checkpoints throughout the city and sends out patrols whenever possible in order to increase stability and security all around New York City.

Important People


New York City

JTF members fill the role of allies. They can be seen guarding certain areas, patrolling the streets, and will be used in certain Missions and Encounters. However, it is unwise for players to rely on any JTF that assists them in combat even against low level Rioters. High level enemies, or even large enough numbers of enemies, can chew through squads of JTF if not dealt with. They infrequently engage targets, usually dealing very little damage if they manage to actually hit their target and practically stand no chance against bosses. However they can kill low level rioters if there are 2-3 of them.

They also lack unit archetypes such as engineer, heavy weapons, and sniper thus reducing the JTF's ability to counter most enemy types in-game.

They should not be underestimated, however. Despite their low damage output, they are fairly durable and can can suppress and distract enemies, which can prove invaluable to the player even in most dire circumstances.

Abandoned JTF vehicles ranging from police cars to armored transports can be spotted throughout the city. And more often than not, the corpses of dead JTF personnel are a very common sight. Whether it be death from entanglements with the Rioters, brutally murdered by Rikers, or executed by Last Man Battalion firing squads.

After finishing a quest or encounter, the location will permanently become a JTF checkpoint, and 2-4 troopers will occupy the area and occasionally engage passing enemies.

Washington, D.C.

In the second game, the JTF (similar to CERA) has been reduced to a background faction. They mostly operate on the ground of the White House, either as guards around the perimeter or as support crews of the interior. Although most of their functions have been taken over by the Civilian Militia, a National Guard Signalist collaborates with both the JTF and The Division to help the agent out in the Division's ongoing quest to restore and maintain government control.

JTF Types

New York City

In NYC, one could tell if someone is part of the JTF by looking out for their green vests and headwear.

  • NYPD Police Officer - Armed with MP5 submachine guns, M870 shotguns and PF45 handguns. Usually with blue police garb.
  • National Guardsman - Armed with M4 assault rifles, Super 90 shotguns and M9 handguns. Always sporting Army ACUs.

Washington, D.C.

In D.C., one could tell if someone is a JTF member by looking at the back of their t-shirts, which will have 'JTF' printed on them.

  • Sentry Guards - Armed with M4 assault rifles, these personnel are stationed by every entrance to the White House and at every checkpoint and guard tower around the White House. Sentry Guards wear Olive Green t-shirts and camo cargo pants.
  • Maintenance/Support Crew - These personnel make up the bulk of the D.C. JTF Force, and they mostly operate in the interior of the White House: maintaining the SHD servers in the basement, radioing Settlements to check on their situations, keeping track of food and supplies, as well as other minor chores that need tending to in the White House. Maintenance and Support Crews wear solid white t-shirts, black cargo pants, and utility belts.


"Holy crap how'd you do that?!"
— After a battle has finished.
"Hate this PMC bullshit!"
— JTF engaging with LMB units.
"LMB? Shit, they're tough!"
— JTF engaging combat with LMB forces.
"I didn't sign on to fight mercs!"
— JTF engaging with LMB soldiers.
"Cleaners! Don't let them get too close!"
— A JTF squad member warning other members in the same squad.
"They're picking the bones of the city!"
— JTF squad sees a few dead JTF comrades.
"Take down the looters!"
— JTF engaging with Rioters.
"Your in my prayers. "
— Happy to see the agent.
"Greg is hit!"
— JTF member falls and is wounded.
"Cleaners, stay back!"
— In a fight with Cleaners.
"Glad you had our backs."
— After a fight has finished.
"Honored to fight by you."
— After fighting alongside the agent.
"Hell of a fight!"
— When the battle has ended.
"Good luck to you."
— To the agent.
— JTF soldier spotting Cleaners

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

By the time of the events of The Division 2, the JTF units stationed in Washington D.C. have all but collapsed. A large-scale mutiny led by Antwon Ridgeway saw the creation of a hostile splinter faction known as the True Sons. The majority of JTF volunteers who remained loyal to the U.S. government were evacuated elsewhere under Presidential orders, with only a skeleton crew staying behind to keep the White House operational. The D.C. branch of the JTF is currently led by Manny Ortega.

The JTF work with The Division and the allied Civilian Militia to combat the growing threat of the True Sons, the Hyenas, and the Outcasts. After those factions are successfully dismantled, the JTF is attacked by an invading force, the Black Tusk.



  • One can tell what a JTF soldier's original affiliation came from by looking at their uniform. They all share the same green helmets and vests, but police wear blue uniforms underneath, while national guardsmen wear army uniforms.
  • Some members of the JTF in uniform may be civilians recruited after the collapse, however. This is evidenced by the fact that some JTF Officers, such as Anthony Zappa and JB Keller, wear uniforms but claim to have had professions other than police or guardsmen.
  • According to the ECHOs, the JTF also includes U.S. Army and Marine Corps personnel in their ranks.
  • If the player purchases the JTF Outfit Bundle from the Premium Vendor, they will get the National Guardsman design (albeit the helmet and vest part of the jacket is a lighter shade of green).
  • The JTF in The Divison 2 appear to be less well equipped than their New York counter parts, they can often be seen at the Base of Operations with varied weapons.
  • If an agent discharges their firearm near a JTF patrol or soldier, they will flinch, look at the player and call them out on it.
    • Similarly, they will call out an agent if they're caught aiming their weapon at them.
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