Keener's Legacy is the second season in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. This season brings with it a new manhunt, the Hornet Manhunt, four global events, four leagues, an apparel event, and several new brand and gear sets. Several new exotics were introduces as well.

Hornet Manhunt

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The Hornet Manhunt is made up of killing Hornet's four rogue lieutenants before locating and neutralizing Hornet himself. Hornet's lieutenants are codenamed "Termite," "Luna," "Huntsman," and "Titan."


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Similar to Season 1, '''Keener's Legacy''' has 4 different leagues spread across the season. Each rogue lieutenant has one league correlating to them.

Termite League

With the first league of Season 2, the Termite League centers around the Outcasts and their presence in Northern D.C.

Luna League

The next league is the Luna League. This league focuses on the Rikers faction and their control over territory in Northern D.C.

Huntsman League

The Huntsman League has Division agents focus on clearing out the Hyenas' control over East D.C.

Titan League

The final league is called the Titan League and has agents target the Black Tusk in West D.C.

Season 2: Keener's Legacy
S2-Target1 Termite.jpg
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Carter "Hornet" Leroux
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S2-Target4 Titan.jpg

Global Events

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Keener's Legacy has four global events, the three events from the previous season, as well as one new global event. These events (in order) are Hollywood, Polarity Switch, Reanimated, and Guardians.



 Polarity Switch

In Polarity Switch, both enemies and agents alike have been given an electrical charge. Agents deal more damage to enemies with similar polarities, while they do reduced damage to (and risk being shocked by) enemies with opposing polarities. Reloading or hitting an enemy with a melee attack with switch polarities.


In the Reanimated Global Event, enemies have been equipped with advanced defibrillators that can bring them back from the brink of death. The only way to stop these defibrillators from going off is to kill an enemy with a headshot.


In the final event of the season, Guardians introduces guardians for enemy fireteams. Each fireteam will have one member among them selected as the guardian. This guardian is the only one able to take damage out of the entire fireteam. Once this enemy has been taken out, the others will be able to be killed.

Phoenix Down Apparel Event

The Phoenix Down Apparel Event brings in four new sets of apparel, all of which are based on the fallen members of Noble Squad.


Rewards Track

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As all seasons do, Keener's Legacy has a rewards track that goes up to level 100, along with a premium track that contains extra rewards.

Notable Rewards

  • Level 1 - Keener's Legacy Agent (Patch)
  • Level 5 - Eclipse Outfit (Premium)
  • Level 30 - Mechanical Animal (Named Assault Rifle)
  • Level 40 - Matador (Named Backpack)
  • Level 48 - Unlocks the Jupiter version of the Roosevelt Island Stronghold
  • Level 50 - Keener's Legacy Elite (Patch)
  • Level 55 - Mantis (Exotic Marksman Rifle)
  • Level 70 - Chainkiller (Named Vest)
  • Level 80 - Harmony (Named Rifle)
  • Level 90 - Vile (Exotic Mask)
  • Level 95 - Exotic Cache (Regular and Premium)
  • Level 100 - Keener's Legacy Hero (Patch) and Havoc (Mask, Premium)
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