This page is about the location Kenly College, for the expedition see Kenly College (Expedition)

Kenly College is a major location in the D.C. Outskirts. It is the site of the first expedition of the same name. The college is divided into several sections, with the main campus, a subway connection, a small chapel, a library, and a student union building. These buildings are surrounding a central obelisk monument on campus, with the exception of the entrance to the subway, which is off to the side. There is a main road that travels through the campus, but by the time the Division agents arrive, it has been blocked by debris.  

A JTF convoy that travelled through the college's main road is ambushed by Outcasts that are currently occupying the campus, causing the loss of nearly all convoy personnel and the looting of most of the supplies. The ambush is detailed in audio logs found along the stretch of road the convoy had been ambushed on, with JTF engineer Jack Arnold describing the increasing severity of the situation before being captured by the Outcasts. The convoy had found Division hardware at an old National Guard post in the D.C. Outskirts amongst other things, only increasing the necessity to reclaim this hardware from the Outcasts.  

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