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The L86 LSW is a magazine-fed Light Machine Gun in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Real World Weapon

The L86 LSW (Light Support Weapon) is a magazine-fed squad automatic weapon of British origin. The L86 makes use of the same 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge of the L85 and operates from the same gas system. However, to coincide with its fire support role, the weapon is fielded with a longer, heavier barrel which increases muzzle velocity and, therefore, increases the cartridge's range and accuracy at range for engaging targets beyond the scope of the base L85 system.

The L86A1 has a bullpup layout. It was an uncommon feature at the time of its introduction. Main advantage of such layout is the overall compactness of the weapon.

The L86A1 is a magazine-fed weapon. It uses the same 30-round magazines as the L85A1 assault rifle. These are the standard NATO STANAG magazines.


  • Military L86 LSW
  • Custom L86 A2


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