For the weapon seen in The Division, see M4.
For the fully automatic AR-15 variant in The Division 2, see [[M4]].

The LVOA-C is an rifle in Tom Clancy's The Division 2, returning from the first game. Unlike the Police M4, the LVOA-C and the Lightweight M4 has been changed into a single-shot rifle.

Overview Edit

The LVOA-C is the fastest firing rifle alongside the Lightweight M4, surpassing the ACR SS and SIG 716. However, it deals lower damage to compensate for the high rate of fire.


  • LVOA-C Replica

Real life counterpart Edit

The LVOA-C is made by the now defunct WarSport Industries. The rifle has been modified with a Magpul UBR collapsible stock, uses Magpul's PMAG instead of the standard NATO STANAG magazines, & has a WarSports rail bungee, offering better grip in wet weather and environments.

There are two variants of the LVOA platform, the semi-automatic LVOA-C (Carbine), and the select fire LVOA-S (Select Fire).

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  • The LVOA-C's fire selector in-game is set to automatic, rather than semi-auto.
  • The weapon model in-game lacks a forward assist.

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