Last Name: Henry

First Name: LaMarcus

Age: 27

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA

Former Job: Professor of Sociology at NYU

Place of Residence: New York, NY

Blood Type: 0+

Religion: Lapsed Baptist

Psychological Profile

- A former police officer who worked in South Central Los Angeles as part of a street gang task force. Street experience bring real-world relevance to his academic studies.

- Holds a B.A. in anthropology from UCLA and a Doctorate in sociology from Berkeley. PhD dissertation examined the social organization of urban street gangs.

- As a noted expert in criminal behavior, brings an invaluable level of expertise to the Division.

- Experience as a police officer gives him exceptional situational awareness. Knows how to defuse violent situations or meet force with force if situation demands it.

- Empathy for and understanding on the criminal subculture could cut both ways, however.