One cut. One cut gonna make you bleed, but one cut don't kill you. One cut just makes a scar.
- Larae Barrett

Larae Barrett is a criminal and the leader of the Rikers. After the Black Friday Incident, she took advantage of the chaos to organize the remaining inmates to escape from Rikers Island (where she was imprisoned for double murder) to get to New York City.

She had also apparently gained the support of an administrator whom was responsible for her escape and her lackeys, whom she murdered following her escape. She has a very intimidating presence, torturing both captured JTF soldiers and rebellious Rikers to bring her gang into compliance. She is killed during The Division's and JTF raid on Lexington Event Center.

After her death, the Rikers are scattered and falls into disorganization since she is the only one that can keep all Rikers members in line. Though she is not referenced much after her death, it's clear how much of an effect her death had on the Rikers.

In Warlords of New York, the full story regarding Larae Barrett's and the Rikers escape from the prison was uncovered. James Dragov, a Division agent that became disillusioned with SHD, killed the warden and "threw the keys" to her cell, allowing her to free the inmates and escape to the mainland. After her death, the Rikers would experience infigthing till James Dragov was offered the position.


Treacherous, ruthless, unforgiving are just a few words to describe this woman. As shown in an ECHO, she burned a gang leader alive when he opposed her, and was able to supply her Rikers with food and weaponry via smuggling. She deems everyone who is remotely connected to the law as "pigs" including The Division, and is not above hostage taking as a sadistic means of entertainment.


Going to bleed you dry piggy!
- Larae in combat

You can kill me, but we are a wave, and we are going to drown you.
- While Larae is on low health

Just another number, huh? Just more black blood that you accept.
- Larae coming out to fight the JTF and Division agents

Ain't this some shit?
- Larae is shocked when JTF and Division squads storm the final level of Lexington

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