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A private military company originally dispatched to Manhattan to protect certain corporate assets. The LMB were abandoned by their clients once the quarantine hit. Under the leadership of Lt. Col. Charles Bliss, they have placed huge chunks of Manhattan under their version of martial law.

The Last Man Battalion (known as LMB) is a private military company founded and led by Charles Bliss, a highly decorated former officer in the United States Army's Special Forces. Comprised almost entirely of former commandos from the Army's elite 75th Ranger Regiment and the CIA's much feared Special Operations Group, the LMB employs some of the most highly trained and lethal mercenary soldiers in the world. They are one of the major enemy factions in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Just before the Green Poison outbreak, the company was deployed in classified black sites across Western Asia and North Africa, as well as numerous other sensitive locations. But after the bioweapon attack, several panicked Wall Street financial firms immediately hired the LMB to protect their servers and high-value physical assets stored onsite in their Lower Manhattan vaults. Worn and battle-weary, the rank and file soldiers found themselves recalled from hazardous overseas duty only to be diverted into the viral maelstrom of the deadliest urban catastrophe in modern history.

As panic in the Financial District spiraled further out of control, Bliss began to clash with local authorities. He considered them pathetically weak and indecisive, hamstrung by ludicrous restrictions that had no place in an actual war zone. When the quarantine was established and the JTF pulled back to their main base in Midtown, the LMB found itself cut off and abandoned.

Several days of savage street fighting convinced Bliss that the only course of action left was to retake New York City himself, and establish a new martial order via brute force. After a fierce disagreement with an imperious JTF liaison, Bliss not only disobeyed the official's direct orders but executed the man.

Compared to other factions in the Manhattan quarantine zones, the LMB employed far more combat specialists with top-grade military gear and weapons, and their defensive positions were more heavily fortified. Convinced that not just the city but the entire nation would collapse in the atavistic wake of the pandemic, Bliss was determined that his LMB would survive the smallpox, seize full control of New York, and then use their newly created city-state as a base to usher in a new world order - one where only those with strength of will and character survive.

A Rogue Alliance

A momentous meeting between Lt. Colonel Bliss and the rogue Division operative Aaron Keener led to a provisionary alliance between the Last Man Battalion and dissident members of the Division's first wave into New York. The agreement was based on the idea that current political systems would be incapable of maintaining stable societies in a harsh postpandemic world. Keener shared Bliss's vision of a grim Darwinian future.

Afterward, several of Keener's crew actually became LMB captains. Working together, they orchestrated the rocket attack that killed the northeast section Division commander, Louis Chang. The Division soon came to consider the Last Man Battalion to be the most formidable hostile force operating in New York. Bliss also hammered out cooperative agreements with other factions, including the Cleaners and Rikers.

The Battalion Collapses

Despite these ominous developments, The Division managed to shatter the mercenary company thanks to the efforts of its crack corps of second-wave agents. These cohorts proved to be highly resourceful, displaying remarkable adaptability to hostile, deteriorating urban environments. Setting new standards for Division field operations, their successes confirmed the efficacy of Division training and, in fact, of the entire concept of "stay-behind" operations.

After losing Charles Bliss and most of his commanding officers, the mercenary company collapsed. Any surviving LMB soldiers scattered and no longer posed a major threat. By the time the JTF began moving onto the West Side Piers, the LMB remnants had managed to broker peace between other factions. According to one audio log recovered by Division agents, the factions found common ground on a shared experience-shameless, contemptible betrayals by former Agent Keener.

Yet they gained surprising allies outside of New York during the Warlords of New York campaign when recruited by the Black Tusk. The LMB is no longer an active faction after the events of Tom Clancy's The Division, with the remnants of the unit being assimilated into the Black Tusks.

Intelligence Brief


Worn and battle-weary, the LMB were none too pleased being recalled from overseas and diverted to Manhattan. With their requests for transfer gone unheeded and extraction, not an option, this PMC has become trapped far from home in the worst area of the epidemic. Tired of indecisive local authorities, their commander, Charles Bliss, took matters into his own hands, disobeying direct orders and executing a JTF official—effectively turning his entire company and himself into mutineers.

Convinced not just the city, but the nation, will collapse under the hopeless burden of the virus, the LMB has no allegiance to anyone but themselves. They will use any and all means necessary to make sure they make it through the storm and to usher in a new world order where only the strong will survive.

Named Members

Known LMB Members
Target Description Location
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bliss
Killed by The Division at the United Nations General Assembly;
Pilots a UH-60 Black Hawk armed with miniguns, rocket pods, and flares.
United Nations General Assembly
LMB pic.jpg
Major McEachron
Killed by The Division at the United Nations General Assembly, Legendary Difficulty; Unique Heavy Weapons equipped with a tactical shield. United Nations General Assembly
LMB pic.jpg
Major Theroux
Killed by The Division at the United Nations General Assembly, Legendary Difficulty; Sniper. United Nations General Assembly
LMB pic.jpg
Major Hesson
Killed by The Division at the United Nations General Assembly, Legendary Difficulty; Sniper. United Nations General Assembly
LMB pic.jpg
Major Hudson
Killed by The Division at the United Nations General Assembly, Legendary Difficulty; Medic. United Nations General Assembly
LMB pic.jpg
Sergeant King
Killed by The Division at the Queens Tunnel Camp; Engineer. Queens Tunnel Camp
LMB pic.jpg
Sergeant Wilbur
Killed by The Division at the Times Square Power Relay, Legendary Difficulty; Heavy Weapons equipped with an M249 Para. Times Square Power Relay
LMB pic.jpg
Sergeant Alfaro
Killed by The Division at the Times Square Power Relay, Legendary Difficulty; Sniper equipped with a Surplus SVD. Times Square Power Relay
LMB pic.jpg
Lieutenant Maulding
Killed by The Division at Amherst's Apartment; Unique Heavy Weapons equipped with a Tactical Shield. Amherst's Apartment
LMB pic.jpg
Lieutenant Reid
Killed by The Division at Amherst's Apartment, Legendary Difficulty; Sniper. Amherst's Apartment
LMB pic.jpg
Captain Foley
Killed by The Division at Grand Central Station; Heavy Weapons equipped with a Black Market M60 E6. Grand Central Station

Known LMB Members in Falcon Lost
Target Description Location
LMB pic.jpg
Captain Perez
Killed by The Division at the Warrengate Water Treatment Plant; Operates a Heavily Armed APC, equipped with a machine gun and grenade launcher. Warrengate Water Treatment Plant
LMB pic.jpg
Private Thorne
Killed by The Division at the Warrengate Water Treatment Plant; Operates a Heavily Armed APC, equipped with a machine gun and grenade launcher. Warrengate Water Treatment Plant
LMB pic.jpg
Lieutenant Sasaki
Killed by The Division at the Warrengate Powerplant, Legendary Difficulty; Medic. Warrengate Water Treatment Plant
LMB pic.jpg
Lieutenant Frisk
Killed by The Division at the Warrengate Powerplant, Legendary Difficulty; Unique Medic armed with a Military P416 and equipped with First Aid and Support Station. Warrengate Water Treatment Plant
LMB pic.jpg
Captain Wyght
Killed by The Division at the Warrengate Powerplant, Legendary Difficulty; Unique Heavy Weapons equipped with a Tactical Shield and Police T821. Warrengate Water Treatment Plant

Known LMB Squads
Gang Description Target
LMB pic.jpg
Sniper Squad
A group of LMB snipers has been using civilians for target practice.
  • Lieutenant Lee
LMB pic.jpg
Komodo Squad
A small LMB squad has been sabotaging JTF troops around the city.
  • Komodo
LMB pic.jpg
Cougar Squad
An LMB squad with multiple turrets are reportedly targeting JTF.
  • Sergeant Pollard
LMB pic.jpg
Cheetah Squad
An LMB heavy gunner has been firing on civilians at random.
  • Captain Mayor
LMB pic.jpg
Harrier Squad
An LMB agent has joined up with a Rogue agent to hunt down JTF.
  • Harrier
LMB pic.jpg
Grizzly Squad
A charismatic LMB leader has been terrorizing civilians.
  • Commander Thurston
LMB pic.jpg
Bluebird's Squad
A Rogue agent has been interfering with JTF troops around the city.
  • Bluebird
LMB pic.jpg
Hawk Squad
An LMB engineer and his squad has been terrorizing civilians and must be stopped.
  • Lieutenant Poulson
LMB pic.jpg
Horse Squad
A rogue First Wave agent is abducting civilians for unknown reasons.
  • Clydesdale
LMB pic.jpg
Lima Squad
LMB officers are forcing civilians to enter infected zones to search for loot.
  • Sergeant Dias
LMB pic.jpg
Yankee Squad
LMB gunners are using civilian shelters for target practice.
  • Sergeant Jasso
  • Sergeant Manfrin
LMB pic.jpg
Foxtrot Squad
LMB forward elements are assassinating high-level JTF officers.
  • Lieutenant Rivera
LMB pic.jpg
Healer Squad
An LMB medic team dedicated to lethal interrogation roams the streets and must be stopped.
  • Commander Kryos
LMB pic.jpg
Flowers Squad
Rogue First Wave agents are torturing CERA scientists for information on Green Poison.
  • Private Straker
  • Corporal Tijerina
  • Tulip
  • Daisy
LMB pic.jpg
Devil Squad
An LMB has been taking out vengeance on anyone unlucky enough to come by.
  • Sergeant Stine
LMB pic.jpg
Lion Squad
A heavily armed LMB squad has reportedly been roaming the city, robbing and assaulting civilians.
  • Captain Daniels
LMB pic.jpg
Cpt. Tejada's Squad
An LMB engineer is leaving turret booby traps along the paths of JTF patrols.
  • Captain Tejada
LMB pic.jpg
Cpt. Mayes's Squad
An LMB commander is executing civilians for collusion with JTF.
  • Captain Mayes
LMB pic.jpg
Papa Squad
LMB medics are raiding refugee clinics for drugs.
  • Lieutenant Furman
  • Captain Murayama
LMB pic.jpg
Whisky Squad
LMB operatives are executing doctors and seizing medical supplies.
  • Lieutenant Deeb
LMB pic.jpg
A rogue First Wave squad is attacking JTF convoys to steal weapons.
  • Corporal Castro
  • Gila
  • Caiman
LMB pic.jpg
Lt. Krieg's Squad
An LMB has gone AWOL and has reportedly been shooting random civilians.
  • Lieutenant Krieg
LMB pic.jpg
Golf Squad
LMB forces are using grenades to drive JTF patrols into a kill box.
  • Sergeant Piccio
LMB pic.jpg
Kremlin's Squad
A Rogue agent with unusual combat skills has been hunting JTF agents to destabilize the city.
  • Kremlin
LMB pic.jpg
Jaguar Squad
Hardcore LMB members are supporting a Rogue agent looking for contraband.
  • Soprano
LMB pic.jpg
Panther Squad
A Rogue agent has recruited an LMB squad to assinate Division agents.
  • Predator
LMB pic.jpg
The Gunner
A heavy gunner with support crew has been terrorizing civilians for fun.
  • Sergeant Purcell
LMB pic.jpg
Goshawk Squad
A greedy LMB squad has been extorting civilians for cash and supplies.
  • Colonel McGuinne
LMB pic.jpg
Mike Squad
LMB medics are destroying CERA medical stockpiles to prevent us treating the sick.
  • Sergeant Fry
  • Sergeant Espinoza
LMB pic.jpg
Kilo Squad
An LMB squad is executing squatters to secure forward operating bases around the city.
  • Lieutenant Bookout
  • Sergeant Sanchez
LMB pic.jpg
Eagle Squad
A group of Rogue First Wave agents have banded together to take out what remains of loyal Division agents.
  • Geneva
  • Nickel
  • Tango
  • Javelin
LMB pic.jpg
First Wave renegades are attacking JTF checkpoints trying to break quarantine.
  • Rapier
  • Espadon
LMB pic.jpg
X-Ray Squad
An LMB squad is opening fire on random groups of civilian aid workers.
  • Commander Kikuchi
  • Lieutenant Perkins
  • Sergeant Hsieh
LMB pic.jpg
Sierra Squad
LMB explosives experts are mining potential safehouse locations.
  • Sergeant Otani
  • Sergeant Doan
LMB pic.jpg
Hit Squad
An LMB sniper with support crew have been flushing out survivors.
  • Captain Bruce
LMB pic.jpg
Uniform Squad
LMB snipers are targeting CERA officials for execution.
  • Commander Asada
  • Lieutenant Martin
LMB pic.jpg
Peregrine Squad
An LMB squad has taken martial law to extremes and must be stopped.
  • Sergeant Kozak
LMB pic.jpg
Cmd. Fonti's Squad
An LMB officer is pressganging civilians into a suicide squad.
  • Commander Fonti
LMB pic.jpg
November Squad
LMB technicians are sabotaging vital power infrastructure throughout the city.
  • Sergeant Huang
LMB pic.jpg
Falcon Squad
A squad from the Last Man Battalion is out to avenge losses caused by Division forces.
  • Caesar
LMB pic.jpg
Oscar Squad
LMB elements are firing on civilians attempting to cross the area.
  • Captain Callas
  • Lieutenant Milliken
LMB pic.jpg
Romeo Squad
Target for Bounty
  • Sergeant Belden

Known LMB Members
Target Description Location
LMB pic.jpg
Corporal Dorsman
Squad Leader Murray Hill
LMB pic.jpg
Corporal Wright
Assault Gramercy
LMB pic.jpg
Sergeant Jacks
Unique Heavy Weapons equipped with a Tactical Shield Turtle Bay
LMB pic.jpg
Gunnery Sergeant Lewis
Heavy Weapons Kips Bay

Known LMB Members in Dark Zone
Target Type Location
LMB pic.jpg
Sergeant Thompson
Heavy Weapons DZ05
LMB pic.jpg
Captain Wilson
Sniper DZ05
LMB pic.jpg
Rank II Agent DZ06
LMB pic.jpg
Captain Bryant
Heavy Weapons DZ06
LMB pic.jpg
Captain Rollins
Heavy Weapons DZ06
LMB pic.jpg
Captain Stojacovich
Squad Leader DZ06
LMB pic.jpg
Captain Spence
Heavy Weapons DZ06
LMB pic.jpg
P.F.C. Carney
Medic DZ07
LMB pic.jpg
Corporal O'Halloran
Thrower DZ07
LMB pic.jpg
Sergeant Mirates
Medic DZ07
LMB pic.jpg
Lieutenant J. James
Sniper DZ07
LMB pic.jpg
Lieutenant Omega
Thrower DZ07
LMB pic.jpg
Quartermaster Reed
Heavy Weapons DZ07
LMB pic.jpg
Engineer Boad
Engineer DZ07
LMB pic.jpg
Squad Leader DZ08
LMB pic.jpg
Squad Leader DZ08
LMB pic.jpg
Rank II Agent DZ08

Known LMB Members in Underground
Target Type Location
LMB pic.jpg
CPT. Atkins
Engineer Underground
(Critical Infrastructure)
LMB pic.jpg
CPT. Figueroa
Squad Leader Underground
(Missing Patrol)
LMB pic.jpg
CPT. Navarro
Rogue Division Agent Underground
(Recover the Report)
LMB pic.jpg
CPT. Stauffer
Rogue Division Agent Underground
(Surgical Strike)
LMB pic.jpg
CW3. Lilly
Squad Leader Underground
(Recover the Report)
LMB pic.jpg
CW3. Tejada
Squad Leader Underground
(Recover the Report)
LMB pic.jpg
CW2. Ondrusek
Squad Leader Underground
(Recover the Report)
LMB pic.jpg
W01. Beltre
Squad Leader Underground
(Recover the Report)
LMB pic.jpg
W01. Estrada
Squad Leader Underground
(Critical Infrastructure)
LMB pic.jpg
W01. Gwynn
Squad Leader Underground
(Critical Infrastructure)
LMB pic.jpg
W01. Lincecum
Mechanic Underground
(Surgical Strike)
LMB pic.jpg
MSG. Griffey
Mechanic Underground
(Surgical Strike)
LMB pic.jpg
1SG. Descalso
Rogue Division Agent Underground
(Surgical Strike)
LMB pic.jpg
1SG. Guerrero
Rogue Division Agent Underground
(Surgical Strike)
LMB pic.jpg
1SG. Minor
Tank Underground
(Recover the Report)
LMB pic.jpg
SPC. Clevlen
Engineer Underground
(Critical Infrastructure)
LMB pic.jpg
SPC. Fox
Squad Leader Underground
(Supply Depot)
LMB pic.jpg
SPC. Morrow
Engineer Underground
(Missing Patrol)
LMB pic.jpg
SPC. Wellemeyer
Squad Leader Underground
(Missing Patrol)
LMB pic.jpg
"Dead Eye" Ausmus
Tank Underground
(Recover the Report)

Known LMB Members in Dark Zone
Target Type Location
LMB pic.jpg
Gunner - Heavy Weapons West Side Pier
(Boss Wave)
LMB pic.jpg
Tank West Side Pier
(Boss Wave)
LMB pic.jpg
Rank II Agent West Side Pier
(Boss Wave)
LMB pic.jpg
Sniper West Side Pier
(Lieutenant Elimination)

Events of Tom Clancy's The Division

In the initial weeks of the outbreak, the LMB and JTF had an uneasy cooperation due to differing methods in handling the crisis. Several phone recordings from JTF and National Guard personals show they are against LMB's totalitarian authority and execution of civilians. Following the JTF's deteriorating control of the city Colonel Bliss decided to take matters into his own hands.

The near-collapse of the JTF left the LMB as the most powerful faction in New York and they maintained an iron fist on their territories, with potential plans to begin expanding and eventually securing control of all of New York City.

However, the activation of Second Wave Division agents proved to be devastating to the LMB in the coming weeks. The agents began coordinating and rallying the scattered JTF forces and began to retake the city faction by faction. Eventually, after eliminating the vast majority of other factions and their leaders, the JTF and Division finally felt ready to begin assaulting LMB territories. Despite this setback, however, the LMB were still combat effective and had Rogue Division agents within their ranks.

Eventually, the repeated attacks took its toll on LMB forces, as by the time JTF forces had stormed their U.N. HQ, effective resistance had all but collapsed and any remaining forces were recalled back to desperately try and stem the Division's rapid assault into their HQ. In addition, Aaron Keener and his rogue agents backstabbed the LMB and left them to deal with JTF forces on their own. Blinded by Keener's betrayal, Bliss returned to the U.N. HQ after evacuating in an attempt to hunt him down but was forced to deal with the Second Wave Division agents instead. Eventually, he was shot down, and remaining LMB forces retreated or surrendered to the victorious JTF forces.

Several weeks after Charles Bliss's death, Captain Perez, the highest-ranking LMB officer alive, rallied scattered forces to their underground base in an attempt to wipe out The Division with their remaining APC. JTF forces, having caught wind of the situation, sent men in to try and halt the LMB's attempts but were wiped out just as Division reinforcements arrived. Eventually, after planting explosives, Division agents eliminated Captain Perez and what LMB forces in the underground base.

Remaining LMB forces, wanting revenge were able to rally the other factions in one final desperate attempt to wipe out Division agents once and for all. In addition, they were able to somehow contact the Hunters and convinced them to join forces in hunting down Division agents. However, the efforts failed and nearly every single force were wiped out.

Events of Tom Clancy's The Division 2

The loss of Charles Bliss and Captain Perez had a profound effect on the LMB. In addition, there was a last-ditch attempt by some LMB soldiers to join forces with the remnants of the other organizations like the Rikers and Cleaners, some had even joined the JTF. The remaining LMB had practically been left a shadow of its former self, with many soldiers effectively leaderless and badly demoralized. However, as the Black Tusk began mobilizing in different states, remaining LMB forces team up with Black Tusk were given the opportunity to take revenge on both the JTF and Division agents. The LMB was officially merged with the Black Tusk, creating a new branch in the BTSU. This reinforced the Black Tusk's manpower while also giving the LMB both a new purpose and new tech.

Relationships with other organizations

Prior to the activation of the Second Wave of Division agents, the LMB thought lowly of JTF to the point they don't even see them as a threat. Colonel Bliss views the JTF as a bunch of "ragtag volunteers". Rioters have been known to avoid LMB territories entirely as they fear their ruthlessness.

Conversely, the LMB views the Cleaners and Rikers as a more legitimate threat, although it is unknown who they think is the bigger threat among the two. One LMB report shows two LMB soldiers disagreeing with each on who they think is stronger. One of them believes the Rikers are stronger because they are filled with dangerous criminals and have access to an array of weapons. The other believes the Cleaners are stronger because of their flamethrowers and their fanatical discipline makes them unable to feel fear.

Any animosity they have with the other factions would have likely been resolved by the time of Resistance as they joined forces with remnants of the Rioters, Rikers, Cleaners, and Hunters to combat the JTF and Division agents as well as to hunt down Aaron Keener.

Weapons Used

LMB Weapons
Assault Rifles
Police M4  •  Custom P416 G3  •  Military P416  •  ACR
Light Machine Guns
Black Market AK-74  •  M249 B  •  Military M60 E4
Marksman Rifles
SRS Covert  •  SRS A1  •  Surplus SVD
Submachine Guns
Tactical AUG A3P  •  SMG-9  •  Enhanced PP-19  •  Police T821  •  Navy MP5 N
Military M870  •  Custom M870 MCS  •  SASG-12
M9  •  M1911
M32A1 Grenade Launcher  •  40 mm Airburst Grenade  •  40 mm Frag Grenade
Flashbang Grenade  •  Shock Grenade  •  White Phosphorus Grenade  •  Proximity Shock Mine
Proximity Claymore Mine

LMB Archetype

These guys are working overtime to secure Bliss' vision of New York, and they have access to top-notch and sometimes experimental equipment. Don't underestimate them.
Those flashbangs they use to blind targets have crippling effects. Do they care? Of course they don't.

Riflemen are the LMB's common foot soldiers. They are less dangerous than other LMB soldiers, but due to their training and equipment, should not be underestimated.

Strategic Data

  • Basic LMB units armed with assault rifles.
  • Rank I variants can be recognized by their black ballistic vests, white ski masks, and SWAT helmets.
  • Rank II variants encountered in Missions and the Dark Zone (recognizable by their black helmets and gas masks) may carry Military P416s (Standard) or Enhanced ACR-E (Veteran/Elite) and Flashbang Grenades. They can be recognised by their black helmets, gas masks, and black ballistic vests.
  • Elite Rank II Variants are armed with White Phosphorus Grenades.
  • Standard SF riflemen carry flashbang grenades.

These guys use grenade launchers and they have dangerous munitions. Don't get hit by those launchers, or they'll need a sponge to mop you up.

Grenadiers are the LMB's destruction experts, easily destroying their opponents with a grenade launcher. They are cool and confident during battle, but sometimes make risky decisions and can snap under pressure.

Strategic Data

  • LMB soldiers armed with grenade launchers that flush the player out of cover.
  • Can be recognized by their black helmets and ballistic vests, grenade satchel and stored grenades.
  • Shooting these grenades will explode, do damage, and sometimes kill the Grenadier.
  • They will fire 3 grenades in each volley. Shooting them during this phase will stop the volley, but will not drop a grenade on himself.
  • Rank II and Special Force variants encountered in Legendary missions only fire one Airburst Grenade, instead of a Concussion Grenade.

These guys have mostly been written off as pyschopaths, but don't dismiss them - there's nothing more dangerous than military grade shotguns at close range.
- Captain Benitez, on Rank I LMB Scouts
I once saw one of these assholes use these shock grenades on civilians, for fun. I will never understand what can drive them to attack defenseless people.
- Captain Benitez, on Rank II LMB Scouts

LMB Scouts are close range units that disregard their own safety to eliminate threats. They are unusually reckless for trained soldiers, but are a serious threat on the field. All agents should prioritise Scouts if spotted in the field.

Strategic Data

  • Close range LMB units that have assault rifles at long range and switch to shotguns at close range.
  • Rank I variants can be recognized by their dark red ski masks, dark grey ballistic vests and winter camouflage pants.
  • Rank II and Special Force variants encountered in Missions and the Dark Zone that can be recognised by their white hoods and gas masks.
  • They use SASG-12 shotguns and use Shock Grenades.

These guys are the best - their target acquisition is top-notch and their weaponry makes them lethal. Make sure you're not on their hit list.

Snipers are LMB scouts, tasked with recon of enemy terrain and assasinations, and they are cunning and absolutely lethal. When not working, they spend their time getting rest or on the firing range.

Strategic Data

  • Long range combatants that attempt to eliminate their targets with sniper rifles.
  • Snipers can be recognised by their hooded white cloak and amber ski goggles.
  • They have less health and (if Veteran/Elite rank) armour compared to regular LMB soldiers.
  • They also deploy proximity Claymore Mines.
  • Rank II and Special Force variants encounter can deploy Shock Mines, a Navy MP5-N for use and Dazzler blinding lasers.

Evil geniuses. These guys use reverse-engineered turrets, based on the Division's turrets. That one was probably Keener's idea.

LMB Engineers are support soldiers who use their knowledge of engineering and robotics to utilise turrets and support their fellow LMB soldiers. They are often found repairing damaged technology or working with Rogue Division Agents to reverse engineer SHD tech.

Strategic Data

  • Support units armed with turrets stronger than those of the Cleaners and will repair them when damaged.
  • Rank I variants are armed with P416s and turrets that use regular ammunition.
  • On Legendary mission, Special Forces Engineers are armed with Military M870s and can deploy multiple tougher turrets.
  • On-Resistance, (Special Force and Rank II) Engineers can use special ammunition (Fire and Shock) and their turrets are equipped with special ammunition.

You know, I got in a fight with one of these guys once, and they are surprisingly effective in combat. Whoever said medics were pacifists was either an idiot, or didn't know what he was talking about
Those medics are ex-military and experienced field surgeons. Most of the work for them is done by the support station though.

Combat Medics are the LMB's frontline workers, risking life and limb to save their fellow soldiers. When off the field, they are either found working in a field hospital or teaching others about basic first aid.

Strategic Data

  • Support Units armed with assault rifles or SMGs.
  • Rank I variants will run up to other LMB soldiers to heal them.
  • Rank I variants are armed with Police M4s (Regular) or an AUG Para XS SMG (Veteran/Elite).
  • They can be recognized by their large backpack, green ski mask, and goggles.
  • Rank II variants wearing a green skullcap and a gas mask will deploy healing stations that can heal multiple LMB soldiers at once.

Rank II variants only appear as Veteran/Elite Enemies, and are armed with tactical AUG A3Ps.

  • Elite variants have more powerful healing stations that can recover enemy armor as well.
  • Special Forces variants have an even more powerful healing station; in addition, these stations are much stronger than standard Elite variants. SF Medics repair these stations twice as fast.
  • Named SF medics can used First Aid.
  • Named HVT Medics are often armed with a Custom M870 MCS and Elite Support Stations.

The fuckers are a thorn in our side. When they're not imposing martial law, executing JTF, or killing good Agents, these assholes like to use civilian shelters for target practice. They really don't buy into Bliss' twisted sense of honor.

LMB Gunners are offensive units that attempt to lay support fire for their fellow soldiers. They are aggressive, confident, and extremely dangerous on the battlefield. They are often found commanding other LMB soldiers and are typically veterans of the battlefield.

Strategic Data

  • LMB offensive units armed with LMGs, that attempt to lay suppressive fire on targets.
  • Gunners have twice as much armor and health as normal LMB soldiers.
  • Gunners can be recognized by their riot helmets and white ski masks.
  • Both the Tank and Gunner have a backpack that holds a red ammo box; a weak spot that, if shot, will start a spray of bullets causing them damage and distracting them as well as potentially damaging players and NPCs nearby.
  • SF variants are faster deploying and do more damage than Rank I Gunners.

I have literally never seen ANY professional soldier swing a shield like a baseball bat - I'd say they've watched too many movies, but even i can't think of a movie where they do that. That shield is extremely annoying though - it makes them a bullet sponge.

LMB Tanks are hardened enemies who command other troops in battle and provide suppressive fire. They are in charge of training new recruits. They however have a serious superiority complex , which causes them to make risky decisions.

Strategic Data

  • LMB offensive units armed with LMGs, Pistols and Tactical Shields that attempt to lay suppressive fire on targets.
  • Tanks have twice as much armor and health as normal LMB soldiers.
  • Tanks can be recognised by their riot helmets, gas masks, winter camouflage, and heavy backpack.
  • They only appear as Rank II and above.
  • Tanks use a Tactical Shield to move while armed with an M9 pistol; they will plant their Tactical Shield to use as cover and fire their M60 LMG from a fixed position.
  • They can be recognised by their winter camouflage shirt, gas mask, and bulkier shield.
  • Both the Tank and Gunner have a backpack that holds a red ammo box; a weak spot that, if shot, will start a spray of bullets causing them damage and distracting them as well as potentially damaging players and NPCs nearby.
  • HVT High-Risk and SF Named Tanks are armed with Police T821s.

These guys are all frontline leaders, and they are heavily equipped. Don't get hit by their white phosphorus grenades, or they'll need a hose to clean you up.

Squad Leaders are the LMB's frontline officers. They are always willing to take charge and take a bullet for those under their command. They inspire the troops they command in battle, and should always be high-priority targets.

Strategic Data

  • LMB support units that buff their fellow soldiers to do more damage.
  • Squad Leaders have more health and armor than a standard LMB soldier.
  • They can be identified by their lack of helmets, headsets, red bandanas, and armbands.
  • Typically only encountered in Dark Zone 5 and 6, or in Challenging difficulty.
  • They are always armed with White Phosphorus Grenades.
  • On Legendary missions, Resistance, and in West Side Pier,
  • SF Squad leaders use fully-automatic P416s with a chance to inflict bleed.

Most of these traitors came from the dark zone, but some went rogue off their own bat. You'd be surprised at how annoying it is to have your own turrets shoot at you due to their hacking capabilities.

LMB agents are Rogue Division Agents who work with Aaron Keener and are LMB contractors. They are incredibly lethal in the field, having LMB field support and possessing SHD tech and advanced weaponry. They are a serious threat and should prioritised as targets.

What kind of fresh hell is this? Who is supplying the LMB with this kind of gear?
  • Helicopter fought at the UN as part of the LMB's last stand.
  • Armed with a minigun and rocket pods. Can deploy flares to blind players.

The LMB are contractors, but they bought most of their heavy hardware before the outbreak. This is one of them - an APC with a fucking grenade launcher. Overkill.
  • Helicopter fought at the UN as part of the LMB's last stand in the water treatment plant.
  • Armed with a grenade launcher and a rocket barrage. Also armed with a turret similar to em-placed ones.

Locks on to the player with a laser pointer. There are two types. One of the types is armed with a machine gun and can be identified by a red laser, the other type is armed with a turret that fires shock darts, which is identified by a blue laser. The drones only appear in Falcon Lost and the Resistance game mode.


The LMB are some of the toughest AI enemies that the player will encounter in Manhattan. Their ranks can range from Lvl 20-30, and above 31 in the Dark Zone. Engaging groups of LMB soldiers on the same level, or higher than the player is not recommended unless the player is accompanied by group members, as they will be able to make short work of the player.

Snipers will act like any other sniper unit, staying back and attempting to pick the player off from a distance. Some Elite Snipers have an under barrel-mounted laser/strobe device that can blind the player during engagements, such as the first sniper encountered in General Assembly. They also throw shock mines that will stun the player if tripped. Unlike snipers from other factions, LMB snipers are sometimes outfitted with sub-machine guns instead of pistols for use at close range.

Riflemen use assault rifles and flashbang or stun grenades to assault the player. These are the most common LMB soldier encountered. A common tactic used by Riflemen is to flank the players while they are distracted by other LMB soldiers.

Scouts will run up as close to the player as possible, like the Rikers, and use a semi-automatic shotgun. When playing on Hard or Challenging, or if too low in level, multiple Scouts can easily wipe out teams of Agents.

Gunners act like other AI heavy gunners, they normally have heavy armor, and can sometimes be seen using riot shields. LMB Gunners are the only Heavy-type enemy to appear as regular enemies, rather than only as Veteran (purple) or Named Elite (gold) rank enemies.

Grenadiers will use a grenade launcher, instead of hand grenades, which allows them to fire multiple grenades at a time instead of one like other enemies will do.

Engineers will deploy turrets that are much stronger than those of the Cleaners and will repair them when damaged.

Medics will deploy support stations to heal nearby LMB soldiers, as well as themselves, and move to repair their stations once they are damaged. On Hard or Challenging difficulty, Medics should be primary targets if no Scouts are present. Their support stations will constantly heal all LMB soldiers, and if there is even one Medic left, they will repair the damaged station or place down another one if destroyed.

The LMB, due to their connection with Aaron Keener, is also known for having rogue First Wave agents at their disposal, capable of using similar tech and abilities as the agents that fight against the Battalion, such as turrets, seeker mines, and the likes. They are also capable of hacking any Second Wave agents' equipment such as their own turrets, and mines, to the LMB's advantage.

In New York, The Black Tusk is revealing to be supplying the Last Man Battalion with Carl Gustav's and other heavy armaments as shown in the comic Tom Clancy's The Division: Extremis Malis.


Unlike the other factions in Tom Clancy's The Division, the LMB is the only faction that has multiple branches.

Rank I

The most common LMB type seen around the city. They can be identified by their white clothing, black vests, and white ski masks.

Rank II

Rank II LMB soldiers are seen in some of the last missions and incursions, usually used for defensive reasons. They can be identified by their solid black clothing and face masks. They do more damage than their Rank I counterparts and have access to tactical grenades.

Special Forces, or Rank III

LMB soldiers that are only seen on missions set on Legendary Difficulty. They have the same look as their Rank II counterparts, only with a light grey vest instead of solid black. They don't have an enemy level; instead, a shield symbol is behind their archetype symbol, indicating that they have the highest amount of damage and health.

Legendary missions usually start with a squad of LMB SF on regular difficulty, but after they're killed all LMB SF encountered from that point on are encountered as Elite.

Final Boss

The final boss fight is fought at the United Nations building. The player must fight the LMB leader, Charles Bliss, who uses a UH-60 Black Hawk military helicopter armed with miniguns and rocket pods.

In order to do sufficient damage to Bliss, the player must manually activate the six turrets encountered earlier that are spread out around the courtyard. The turrets will begin firing at the helicopter, but after about 10–15 seconds of fire Bliss will destroy the turret with rockets. The helicopter will fire its miniguns at the player, which will put the player in a bleed-out state in a matter of seconds. The helicopter will also use its rocket pods to target a player and barrage the area they are in, acting much like Grenadiers. Once the bosses armor bar is at about half, LMB soldiers will begin pouring out of the U.N. building to engage the player; these will normally consist of Riflemen and Scouts but can include Medics as well.

After the helicopter is damaged to the point of its health being below 25%, it will catch on fire. Upon the health bar reaching 0%, the helicopter will crash into the nearby building to the south of the courtyard, killing Bliss on impact. After the remaining LMB soldiers are killed four items of superior rarity will drop around the helicopter crash site.

Until Update 1.1, this boss fight marked the last "major" boss fight in the game, and up until Update 1.2 that title belonged to the APC in Falcon Lost. As of 1.2., The last "major" boss fight in the game now belongs to the Firetruck, Dubbed "Dragon One" by the cleaners In Dragon's Nest.


  • Contact! Contact! - Engaging LMB
  • What? You really think you can take us? - Engaging LMB
  • Mutiple Tangos inbound ! - Engaging LMB
  • Engaging enemy Foot-mobile - Engaging LMB
  • I'm engaging - Engaging LMB
  • This is LMB territory!
  • Clear out the AO!
  • JTF assholes!
  • Get that AO under control!
  • By the books people!
  • Plenty of targets people!
  • Don't get cocky!
  • Fire on target!
  • I can do this all day!
  • Do this by the numbers!
  • Keep it tight!
  • Maintain pressure!
  • Okay c'mon let's go!
  • Waste them all!
  • You have no idea who you're messing with!
  • We can do this all day asshole!
  • Grenade! It's gonna blow! - Grenade in proximity
  • It's only one of them! - Player alone
  • Gotta leave cover sometime! - Player in cover
  • Why you all scare over there! - Player in cover
  • I'm low! Gotta reload! - Reloading
  • Reloading! Cover fire! - Reloading
  • Give me cover fire, I'm reloading! - Reloading
  • I see a man down! - LMB soldier dies
  • Oh shit! - LMB soldier dies
  • Man down! - LMB soldier dies
  • Jacob's down! - LMB soldier dies
  • They got Dylan! - LMB soldier dies
  • Hunters is down! - LMB soldier dies
  • Oh, c'mon! - LMB solider dies
  • She's gone! Keep it forward! - Sniper dies
  • It's almost over! Keep shooting! - Player at low health
  • Just the two of us! - Surprised up close
  • Ah! I'm gonna put a round in your ass! - Surprised up close
  • Come get some! - Surprised up close
  • End of the line! - Surprised up close
  • See you in hell! - Surprised up close
  • Heads up! Throwing a flashbang! - Throwing grenade
  • Gonna blind the enemy! - Throwing grenade
  • Cover your eyes! - Throwing grenade
  • Help! I'm blind! - Blinded
  • Help! I can't see shit! - Blinded
  • I'm fucking blind! - Blinded

  • Maintain pressure! Now!
  • You can't stop the LMB!
  • We can do this all day asshole!
  • C'mon, make it easy on yourself!
  • Tossing frags! - Throwing grenades
  • Multiple frags out! Heads down! - Throwing grenades
  • Frags are out! - Throwing grenades
  • Whatcha hiding for?! - Player in cover
  • You're on the wrong side!
  • Don't you wanna serve your country?!
  • Goddamnit! They got Allan! - LMB soldier dies
  • Michaels is down! - LMB soldier dies
  • Get away! - Surprised up close
  • Whoa who the fuck are you!? - Surprised up close
  • Ah! I'm in the dark! - Blinded
  • Help me! I'm blind! - Blinded

  • Tango spotted. - Engaging LMB
  • Right there! - Engaging LMB
  • Heads up, we got us an intruder! - Engaging LMB
  • Over there!
  • I'm engaging!
  • Take down that intruder!
  • Hey where's your backup?
  • Come get some you JTF fucks!
  • Gotta secure this damn AO!
  • I'm gonna find 'em all! - Player hiding
  • Target's in cover! - Player in cover
  • Can't hide forever! -Player in cover
  • Force their asses out! - Player in cover
  • We have to force 'em outta there! - Player in cover
  • Tango's outta cover! - Player out of cover
  • Easy target!
  • Shoot the head, stupid!
  • You can still run ya know!
  • No runner!
  • There's no way out!
  • You don't know who you're messing with!
  • Reloading! - Reloading
  • Reloading now! - Reloading
  • Maintain fire, target's wounded! - Player at low health
  • Target's been hit! - Player at low health
  • Target's almost down! - Player at low health
  • They dropped one of ours! - LMB soldier dies
  • Oh fuck! - LMB soldier dies
  • That's one of ours! - LMB soldier dies
  • Man down! - LMB soldier dies
  • We lost a friendly! - LMB soldier dies
  • He's hit! - LMB soldier dies
  • How about a shock grenade?! - Throwing grenade
  • Throwing a shock grenade! - Throwing a grenade
  • Sending the enemy a shock! - Throwing a grenade
  • Shock out! - Throwing a grenade
  • Shock grenade headin out! - Throwing a grenade
  • Throwing a shock! - Throwing a grenade

  • We got some friends. - Engaging LMB
  • We got contact! - Engaging LMB
  • Here comes trouble!
  • Tango's taking cover! - Player in cover
  • Engaging target!
  • Lead your target!
  • Shot's lined up!
  • Shoot to kill!
  • They tagged one of ours! - LMB soldier dies
  • Williams is gone. - LMB soldier dies
  • Alice is hit! -LMB Sniper dies
  • JTF pieces of shit!
  • Y'all got nothin!
  • Aw hell! - Taking damage/ player rushing position
  • Stand down fucker! - Surprised up close
  • Aw! My eyes! - Blinded

  • Turret deployed! - Deploying turret
  • Arming the turret! - Deploying turret
  • I'm deploying the turret! - Deploying turret
  • Fuck them up!
  • Just give it up!
  • They can't fight forever!
  • This is gonna be easy!
  • Keep up the pressure!
  • JTF pieces of shit!
  • We're losing numbers here! - LMB soldier dies
  • They got Thompson! - LMB soldier dies

  • Contact! Contact! - Engaging LMB
  • We got shooter - Engaging LMB
  • Open fire!
  • Just get outta here!
  • JTF motherfucker!
  • Target's in cover! - Player in cover
  • Target's in the open! - Player out of cover
  • Reloading! -Reloading
  • Target's wounded! - Player at low health
  • Healing station deployed! - Deploying Support Station
  • Deploying healing station! - Deploying Support Station
  • Ah shit! It's almost unfair! - LMB soldiers dies
  • Stevens is down! - LMB soldiers dies

  • Maintain heavy fire!
  • Engaging target!
  • I'm weapons free!
  • Let's go!
  • Just you and me!
  • Oh damn it! Take cover! - Grenade in proximity
  • Get the damn target out of cover! - Player in cover
  • Tango's in the open! - Player out of cover
  • Suck on this! - Attacking
  • Take this! - Attacking
  • You're dead! - Attacking
  • Gonna cut you down! - Attacking
  • Better keep your head down! - Attacking
  • Hunters is down! -LMB soldier dies
  • We got a man down! -LMB soldier dies
  • Yeah! - Surprised up close
  • I'll take every last one of ya!
  • You're making things worse for yourself!
  • You gonna hide all day?! - Player in cover
  • You really think you can hide from me? - Player in cover
  • Keep the pressure on!
  • Don't be stupid!
  • C'mon! JTF can't do shit
  • Really ? A shield ? - Player deploying a shield
  • Cmon out of there ! - Player in cover
  • I got cover! - Deploying shield
  • You're not getting past this! - Deploying shield
  • Shield deployed! - Deploying shield
  • We're losing our guys! - LMB soldier dies
  • Casualty! - LMB soldier dies
  • To the last man asshole!
  • JTF asshole! - in combat with JTF

  • I'm not gonna let you destroy this city!
  • You really think you can hide from the LMB?! - Player in cover
  • Just give it up already!
  • Come on, you're just delaying the inevitable.
  • You are weapons free!
  • Engage all targets!
  • Take that tango down!
  • Nice try!
  • Just you?!
  • Aye sir! - Buffing LMB soldiers
  • Clear this AO! - Buffing LMB soldiers
  • I hear you! - Buffing LMB soldiers
  • Hold the damn line!
  • Direct your fire!
  • Waters is down! - LMB soldier dies
  • We got a man down! - LMB soldier dies
  • This place is ambush central
  • Damn JTF lost their minds
  • I hear the JTF's looking to talk terms or join rank some shit
  • I miss the old city
  • If anyone can pull this off, its Bliss
  • Gonna hunt every JTF I see
  • Keep moving
  • Only good JTF is a dead JTF

  • Let's see what you got!
  • Take that hostile out!
  • I'm gonna take you out!
  • You know who you're messing with?!
  • Can't hide from this! - Deploying Seeker Mine
  • Can't escape! - Deploying Seeker Mine
  • Seeker Mine's got your number! - Deploying Seeker Mine
  • Turret is live! - Deploying turret
  • Deploying turret now! - Deploying turret
  • I got this!
  • I can do this!
  • EMP out! - Throwing grenade
  • EMP grenade deployed! - Throwing grenade
  • What the fuck! - Surprised up close
  • You're mine asshole! - Surprised up close

  • Coughing? Sorry I got orders to put you down. - Seeing Civilian
  • Got a fever? Sorry got orders to put you down. - Seeing Civilian
  • Put that mutt down. - Seeing a dog

  • This area is under the protection of the Last Man Battalion. Please cooperate with any request from a Last Man Battalion soldier so we can ensure your safety.
  • Please report any suspicious behavior you're seeing to a Last Man Battalion soldier. Help us keep you safe!
  • The Last Man Battalion and you, rebuilding Manhattan one blocked at a time!
  • Please comply with all Last Man Battalion personnel. The life you save, could be your own.
  • The Last Man Battalion will now be patrolling your neighborhood. Please cooperate with all LMB soldiers so we can keep you safe!
  • Remember to comply with all Last Man Battalion personnel. The life you save, could be your own.

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    • The LMB is one of the more morally ambiguous enemy factions. While they are absolutely ruthless, they mostly believe they are doing the right thing. And in some cases, they seemingly have more success than the JTF. Their strict rules are oppressive, but the civilians in the LMB territory are far more safe from rioters, rikers, and cleaners than civilians in some of the JTF controlled areas. One phone recording of two rioters talking reveals that they are far more afraid of the LMB, opting to risk facing the JTF instead, whom they consider to be soft and less deadly.
    • The civilians are safe due to the frequent LMB, heavily armed patrols and checkpoints all throughout their territory with virtually no presence from other factions. If a civilian comes to close to a patrol, they will issue a verbal warning. If the civilian moves away, the soldiers will not shoot; but if the civilian comes closer, they will shoot and kill him or her.
    • On the other hand, the LMB does little to improve the living conditions of the civilians in their territory. Being a militaristic organization, most of their assets and knowledge are focused on the tactical side. While the JTF draws from police, military, medical, engineering, and maintenance organizations, the LMB has done little recruiting at all from the population, possibly because few want to live under their rule or they do not trust civilians. The engineering and medical resources that they do possess are dedicated entirely on their military mission. This makes the LMB very combat effective, but means any civilians have to do without.
    • If the player purchases the LMB Faction Bundle from the Premium Vendor, they will get the Rifleman outfit.
      • Players can earn parts of this bundle from doing Incursions, as well as missions that have Heroic difficulty.
    • The LMB is shown to be getting supplied by the Black Tusk to keep the JTF and Agents busy in Manhattan after Bliss's death, as shown in the comic Tom Clancy's The Division: Extremis Malis.
    • According to a State of the Game podcast a portion of the LMB were absorbed into Black Tusk and will provide Black Tusk with new archetypes. These will include Rushers (timestamp 26:25) and Supports (timestamp 28:11).
    • A portion of the LMB is shown to have joined the JTF after Bliss's death according to the Animated Short for The Warlords of New York. LMB Riflemen, Rushers, and Squad Leaders are wearing JTF letters on their apparel now. They are no longer using the color scheme of red, white, and black. It is now green, grey, and black.