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Well, ain't this some shit! Thought you mighta you have the good sense to stay away, but I see: you comin to meet your maker. I see you beggin, for the punishment we about to give you. Ask, and you shall receive! Pigs to the slaughter, kill 'em all!

Lexington Event Center is the fourth Security Security main mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.


Rikers are holding JTF personnel hostage at their headquarters on Lexington Ave. Access the building, neutralize Rikers' leader Larae Barrett, and free the hostages.


  1. Secure the Hostage.
  2. Infiltrate the Building.
  3. Find the Other Hostages.
  4. Secure the Hostage.
  5. Secure the Roof.
  6. Secure Sergeant Ramos.
  7. Secure Main Hall.
  8. Open the Door for JTF Backup.
  9. Take Out Larae's Lieutenant.
  10. Take Down Larae Barrett.
  11. Neutralize the Remaining Rikers.


  • Security 500 Security Wing Supplies
  • Credits 4,675 Credits
  • Exp 133,000


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