"This weapon gave me freedom as it gave others death. Respect it and it will respect you." - General Ridgeway, upon handing his sidearm to a subordinate.

Liberty is an Exotic D50 sidearm in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. It is crafted from a blueprint.

Gameplay Edit

The Liberty is a sidearm considered to be an optimal choice for Agents that are using a Shield as a tank role, giving them a longer time to support themselves in battle by repairing the Shield upon getting a headshot.

Talents Edit

Liberty or Death Edit

  • Gain a stack on each hit, up to 30.
  • Headshots consume all stacks, repairing your shield for 3% per stack. (Maximum repair from one headshot is 90% at 30 stacks.)

Appearance Edit

The Liberty is a decorated version of the D50, complete with a custom paintjob giving it a black to red gradient on the slide, a reflex sight, red and white duct tapes and some dog tags of fallen soldiers bound to the grip. The phrase, "Libertatem aut Mortem", is crudely written on the side.

Obtaining Edit

Crafting the Liberty costs the parts acquired as shown below, Credits979, 36 Polycarbonate, 26 Carbon Fiber, 60 Receiver Components and a High-End D50. The parts must be acquired in order of the table.

Weapon Part Location
Trigger and Mechanism The first piece is dropped from Captain Kendra Nelson in the Capitol Building stronghold.
Receiver and Paintjob The second piece is dropped from Captain Briggs in the American History Museum mission.
Sight and Rail The third piece is dropped from Staff Sergeant Carl Wade in the ViewPoint Museum mission.
Grip and Tags The fourth piece is dropped from Master Sergeant Steve "Junior" Quiroz in the Space Administration HQ mission.

Trivia Edit

  • On the side of the barrel is engraved the phrase "Libertatem aut mortem" meaning "Freedom or death".
  • The dog tags that are bound to the grip of the Liberty contains generic text such as the alphabet, numbers from 0 to 9, and other placeholder texts like 'First Name Last Name', 'Blood Type', 'Religion'.

Gallery Edit


The Liberty's dog tags with generic placeholder text.


"Libertatem aut Mortem", meaning Liberty or Death in Latin.

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