The Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint is the first Security main mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Pre- Mission Dialogue Edit

J.T.F. Soldier: Captain! We're getting overrun! They're killing everyone in sight!

Captain Benitez: Dammit! If they blow open the floodgates, then --

J.T.F. Soldier: Captain They've got a - (Pained Scream)

Description Edit

The Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint is under attack by rioters. Secure the checkpoint and get the commander of the J.T.F., Captain Roy Benitez, back to the Base of Operations.

Briefing Edit

Faye Lau: This tunnel is the major supply line for foods, meds, and weapons from the outside world. But we've got a group of rioters with explosives trying to break through the quarantine there. A J.T.F. garrison is doing its best to hold line, but they are weakening. And if the rioters blast through - the tunnel floods, the supply line's cut and a whole lot of people die. We're got confirmation the Benitez is there, in the thick of it. We need that location secured and Benitez back here at base.


  • Reach the security center
  • Secure tunnel entrance
  • Reach the floodgate
  • Defend JTF while the bomb is disarmed
  • Clear out the tunnel
  • Survive the assault
  • Protect Roy Benitez
  • Take out the leader

Post-Mission Dialogue Edit

Captain Benitez: Agent, we've recovered a couple of disturbing pieces of video footage. These Rioters and Rikers are goddamn animals. Lau she's uploaded it for you.


  • Security 700 Security Wing Supplies
  • Credits 350 Credits
  • Exp 6,350
  • Standard Weapon
  • Rikers Video
  • Civilian Video
  • Captain: Roy Benitez
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