News Anchor: And we've got Cindy with us now, live on the phone from New York. Cindy, what can you tell us about the current situation?

Reporter: Yes, Stephen. It's a chaotic scene here at the Lincoln Tunnel as citizens try to push through the JTF checkpoint before it closes indefinitely. There's still no official word on how long this lockdown will be in effect, or what relief CERA will provide to those who are left behind, many without power or heat. Emotions are running high to say the least.

News Anchor: And what's going to happen to the people who don't make it through the checkpoint? Have you been told anything?

Reporter: The JTF hasn't issued a statement, but honestly, it doesn't look great. Many of these people have packed their belongings into their cars, but those cars are backed up on Dyer Avenue--Hey, watch it!

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