Riker 1: Shit, these fools got TVs in the bathroom - both of 'em! Automatic goddamn toilet - buttons and shit! They got a machine to wipe their ass. It ain't right, man!

Riker 2: Gonna put that to good use. Sick of wiping my own ass.

Riker 1: Not like they using it no more. Yesterday, we got into that art collector's place. Holy shit. Felt like walking into a museum. Fucking Picasso on the walls - face all smashed up lookin' like Billy D's, remember him? Ugly motherfucker.

Riker 2: Yeah. You like that shit?

Riker 1: Man, that shit's ugly, man. Put a knife through it. Took the liquor, though, 'cause that shit was fine.

Riker 2: Ain't gonna drink itself. Pass it over, would you?

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