In the mood for some mass destruction, are we?
- Quartermaster

The M32A1 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher is a Signature Weapon used by the Demolitionist like Heather Ward in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

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The M32A1 grenade launcher is a unique signature weapon that is acquired by activating the Demolitionist Specialization upon reaching level 30 and starting the endgame. It is capable of dealing damage over an area of effect, killing all but the most armoured targets.

It is used by Hyena grenadiers, True Sons' tanks, Black Tusk grenadiers, and higher-level Cleaner grenadiers.


The M32A1 has an all-black body, along with an optical viewfinder. A tan-coloured vertical foregrip is also equipped on the launcher's under-barrel rail. The cylinder drum features various decals, including logos of cherries, 7s, bars, and big wins from slot machines or casinos.


Demolitionist t

Talent | M406 HE Grenades

Powerful 40x46mm grenade with a 5m blast radius.

Real-life weapon Edit

The M32A1(Mk 14 Mod 0) for U.S. SOCOM is made by Milkor USA, Inc that produces copies of the Milkor MGL. Milkor (Pty) Ltd.

It is the 8-inch shorter barreled variant of the MGL-105 and MGL-140 that both grenade launchers have 12 inch long barrels.

Its effective range can get to 600—1000 meters, much further than the ordinary M32's 400 meters.

Its M2A1 Reflex Sight designed to compensate for the natural drift of the 40mm grenade. It features:

  • Full nighttime capability
  • Quadrant grid reticle that assists in quick range estimation, target acquisition and impact adjustment while maintaining sight picture
  • Elevation adjustment in 25-meter increments
  • Automatic turn off feature after 15 minutes of non-use to preserve the battery life

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