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The M4 is an assault rifle in Tom Clancy's The Division.


The M4 is a default primary weapon that the agent starts with in Beta alongside the MP5 and M9. It's available in three variants - Police, Lightweight & the aftermarket LVOA-C. The quality levels for this weapon range from Worn to High-end as with most other assault rifles.

Among assault rifles, its bullet damage is in the mid to lower end compared to other examples, but this is compensated for by the excellent stability and accuracy as well as the very rapid rate of fire. With very little recoil drift considering the extreme rate of fire, the Police M4 is easy to aim and shoot. They are also commonly found on national guard variants of the JTF.


The Police M4 is a commonly used assault rifle. It is used by the National Guard JTF, Higher-Level Riker Enforcers, Lower-Level LMB Riflemen and Lower-level LMB scouts.


  • Police M4
  • Lightweight M4 (Liberator)
    • A version of the M4 but with a long RIS instead of the standard grip. Is more accurate and has less recoil than the police variant.
  • LVOA-C
    • Has more vertical recoil than other variants, but comes with no horizontal recoil.
    • Does not appear until later on in the game.

Real life counterpart

  • The M4 carbine is an assault rifle heavily used by the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • It has a rate of fire of 700-950RPM and a standard magazine capacity of 30 rounds. Firing a 5.56mm NATO round.
  • The M4 is a shorter, more compact version of its M16 cousin designed for close quarter combat.
    • The M4 can be fitted with various sights, scopes, grenade launchers, and other equipment depending on the mission.
    • The M4A1 has a selector switch for either single or fully automatic fire.
  • The LVOA-C is made by WarSport Industries. It has been modified with a Magpul UBR collapsible stock, Uses Magpul's PMAG instead of the standard STANAG magazines & has WarSports rail bungee, Offering better grip in wet weather and environments.


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