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The M44 is a Marksman Rifle in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Gameplay Edit

The M44 is a high-damage, low rate of fire marksman rifle. As a bolt-action, the player is limited in getting shots out quickly. The reticle however, will reset to max by the time the next round is ready to fire, making follow up shots easier to hit.

It is however limited to 5 shots, reloaded by stripper clip when empty. When partially empty, the weapon is reloaded by round, making it slower. The Custom M44 variant however reloads by magazine, making reloads faster at a cost of lower damage.

Compared to semi-automatic MMRs such as the SCAR-H and the M1A, the M44 does more damage, but fires slower.


  • Classic M44 Carbine

The basic and most common variant of the three. It reloads one round at a time (if the player only fires one to four bullets) or by stripper clip (if the player fires off all shots), but what it lacks in reload speed it makes up for with high accuracy, high damage, and high stability.

  • Hunting M44 Carbine

The more powerful of the three, the Hunting M44 is just like its Classic Variant, only it has a much higher damage and has a slower reload speed. Its weapon body is also solid black, instead of wood.

  • Custom M44

The more customization of the three, the Custom M44 is fed its bullets via magazine, and so it has the fastest reload speed of the three, along with all Modification slots open to it. However, it has the lowest damage of the three.

Mod SlotsEdit

  • Skin
  • Optics (Large)
  • Muzzle (Large)

Custom M44

  • Magazine
  • Underbarrel (Large)

Real World Version Edit

  • The M44 in-game is based off the Mosin Nagant 1944 Carbine, a shortened version of the M91/30 rifle.
    • M44s have a side-folded bayonet fixed onto the rifle.
  • The Hunting M44 is modeled off a sporterised version of the rifle.
  • The Custom M44 is modeled after the Archangel OpFor Series Stock for Mosin-Nagant type rifles.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

When lacking an optics modification, the M44 will appear without the sight-rail.

  • The sight-rail will appear in the weapon modification screen.

M44's can be picked up from enemies in the game.

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