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The M60 is a Light Machine Gun appearing in Tom Clancy's The Division.

There is also a unique variant called the "Hungry Hog", which sports a silver and black finish with gold engravings. It also has the special ability of temporarily boosting it's damage for every enemy it kills.

The M60 is used by elite heavy gunners of the Last Man Battalion.

Real World Weapon

The M60 is an early Cold War era machine gun of US origin. The design is based on the Nazi German MG42 machine guns, although it has very different characteristics than both weapons. Due to its widespread use during the Vietnam war the M60 has become an iconic firearm.

The M60 is a belt fed gas operated weapon that fires from the open bolt position. The gas tube is located below the barrel and the flow of gas cannot be adjusted. The belt cover hinged forward for reloading and the belt is fed from left to right. The M60 features a quick change barrel with a bipod that is placed very far forward. Iron sights are fitted, including a ladder type rear sight. The M60 can be mounted onto a light tripod.

The M60 fires the 7.62x51mm NATO round from 50, 100 and 200 round disintegrating link belts. With a rate of fire of only 500 to 650 rpm the M60 is very controllable despite its limited weight. The maximum range is quoted as 1.1 km.


  • Classic M60
  • Military M60 E4
  • Black Market M60 E6
  • Hungry Hog


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