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The M700 is a Marksman Rifle added in Tom Clancy's The Division in Update 1.5

Real World VersionEdit

The M700 is a bolt action rifle with a classical layout. The bolt design is fairly simple being a two lug rounded bolt. Barrels with various lengths and thickness are available. The civilian versions are available in a staggering 27 different calibers, excluding aftermarket conversions. The tactical models of the M700 family differ from the civilian ones while they are only available with heavy barrels and high quality synthetic stocks. The design allows for a variety of scope mounts, scopes and bipods to suit the user’s needs.

The tactical rifles in the M700 family are usually chambered in 7.62x51mm. There are two types of bolts available. The short action bolt can handle rounds up to 7.62x51mm in size, the long action bolt up to .338 Lapua. Most models have an internal magazine between 3 and 6 rounds in size depending on the model and the caliber. Remington and the US military claim the effective range to be 800 meters. All M700 models deliver a sub MOA accuracy out of the box and barrel life is very good.

Game PlayEdit

The M700 is a bolt-action marksman rifle, similar to the M44 and SRS. The weapon comes with the talent "Elevated" in its free slot upon acquiring it.

Weapon TalentsEdit


Elevated | M700
Increases your damage by 10% when elevated more than 1.2 meters above your target.


  • Model 700

The hunting version of the weapon and most common variant of the three. It has high damage but slow reload speed due to this version reloading bullet-by-bullet.

  • M700 Tactical

The military/police version of the weapon that has its bullets fed via magazine, The M700 Tactical has a faster reload speed, more variety in terms of weapon modifications (excluding the Underbarrel), but has slightly lower damage from the Model 700.

  • M700 Carbon

The 'ambush' version of the weapon that has its bullets fed via magazine, the M700 Carbon has high mobility and all weapon modifications are open to this variant, in addition to the faster reload speed like the Tactical variant. However, it has the lowest damage out of the three.


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