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The M870 is a shotgun that appears in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Real World Version Edit

The M870 is a pump-action shotgun of US origin. It was developed by Remington in the late 1940's in order to compete with the Winchester Model 12. It was first sold to civilians and police models soon followed. The M870 is an iconic firearm and the most produced shotgun in the world with over 10 million produced. Over the years the design has been updated to suit the demands of law enforcement and military operators.

The M870 is based on the earlier Remington Model 31, but is a more rugged and more reliable design. The M870 is a fairly conventional pump action shotgun with a tubular magazine below the barrel and a conventional grip. The police models were at first fitted with a wooden stock and slider. This later changed to a black polymer furniture. Over time the tactical models have been vastly improved and are currently available with pistol grip, retractable stock and accessory and sight rails.

In-Game Edit

The M870 is a widely used shotgun. The express variant is the most widely used. It is used by Cleaner Mechanics and Normal Riker Runners. The Military M870 is used by regular LMB scouts and Veteran Riker Runners. The Custom M870 MCS is used by Elite Riker Runners, Named Cleaner Mechanics and Named HVT LMB Mechanics.

Variants Edit

  • M870 Express
  • Military M870
  • Custom M870 MCS
  • Hunter M870 - Player exclusive
  • Police M870 - Player exclusive

Gallery Edit

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