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The M870 is a shotgun returning in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Real World Version Edit

The Remington 870 shotgun debuted in 1950 and has been used by police and military ever since as well as hunters, sportsmen and gun enthusiasts. The Remington 870 is arguably the world's most widely owned and used shotgun, with over 9 million in civilian hands.

Gameplay Edit

The Express variant is commonly used by the JTF, Civilian Militia, Lower-Level Outcast Controllers, Lower-Level Underground Throwers and True Sons engineers. The Military version is used by True Sons Tanks, who will switch to it in a fit of rage if his grenade launcher ammo box on his backpack is destroyed, and higher-level Outcast Controllers.

Variants Edit

  • M870 Express
  • Military M870
  • Custom M870 MCS


  • M870 Express Replica
  • Custom M870 MCS Replica

Gallery Edit

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