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The MG5 is a Light Machine Gun in Tom Clancy's The Division. It is added in the 1.5 Update - Survival.


The MG5 has a high rate of fire, while having a smaller magazine size compared to the M60 and M249 B.


  • MG5
  • Infantry MG5


Real-life weapon

The Heckler & Koch MG5 was designed as a successor for the MG3 (itself derived from the MG42 designed during World War II). All versions of the MG5 are chambered in 7.62 mm.


  • The weapon was first shown in a special E3 build in 2016.
  • In the Public Test Server, the weapon blueprint was accidentally made available for purchase, and kept the damage and handling traits made for 1.3.
    • This was later removed and the stats were changed to be balanced with other LMGs for Update 1.4 and later, Update 1.5.

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