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The MP5 is a Submachine Gun in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Real World Weapon Edit

The MP5 is an early Cold War era sub machine gun of German origin. The MP5 has become one of the most produced and widely used sub machine guns in the world. The MP5 has a good reputation due to high production quality and use by most elite units in the world.

The MP5 is a roller locked delayed blowback operated weapon that fires from the closed bolt position. Most of the MP5 is made out of metal, the pistol grip and forearms are made of polymer. The MP5 comes with either a fixed plastic stock or retractable metal stock.

The MP5 fires the 9x19mm round from 15 or 30 round magazines. A wide variety of trigger groups is available, including ambidextrous ones or having burst fire ability. The cyclic rate of fire is 800 rounds per minute. The production quality, closed bolt operation and free floating barrel result in a high accuracy. The maximum effective range is quoted as 150 to 200 meters.

In-Game Edit

It is the player's starting weapon, it has a high rate of fire, low recoil, and decent damage.

Customized MP5A3s are used by Rikers gang leaders, while customized MP5A4s are used by elite Rikers grenadiers. Named Rikers gang leaders make use of a customized TSCM MP5. Elite snipers of the Last Man Battalion also use MP5A3s as their sidearm when engaged in close combat.

Variants Edit

  • Navy MP5 N
  • Burst Fire MP-5 A4
  • MP5 ST

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Heckler & Koch MP5 is likely one of the most popular 9mm submachine guns available today.
    • It entered the public consciousness after the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980, when SAS commandos were spotted on live TV wielding the MP5.
  • Several real-world variants exist - the MP5SD, a version with integral suppressor and the MP5K, a highly shortened variant able to be fired from inside a custom made briefcase.
  • The MP5-ST is a custom converted MP5 which adds a folding stock, receiver rail, and foregrip rails.
    • This variant uses an earlier straight magazine design that is no longer in production.
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