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Madison Field Hospital is the first Medical Medical main mission in Tom Clancy's The Division. A squad of Division agents with JTF support must infiltrate Madison Square Garden, converted into a field hospital, and rescue virologist Dr. Jessica Kandel and other CERA hostages from the custody of the Rioters who overran the stadium. It is typically the first mission an agent completes in Manhattan proper.


Rioters have taken over the Madison Square Garden field hospital, holding CERA staff hostage inside. Find and rescue Dr. Jessica Kandel and the other medical staff.


The mission begins after JTF troops breach the front doors with explosive charges.

The player then enters the hospital and encounters a group of rioters coming down escalators to investigate the explosion; the player must eliminate said rioters to proceed. Once the front area is secure, the player must connect Faye Lau in to the security camera feed to help assist in finding Dr. Kandel's location.

The next fight is in the indoor stadium, where multiple waves of rioters spawn from the bleachers on the opposite end of the stadium. The first wave will be standard rioters, while the following waves will have veteran-classed rioters. There are many medkits that can be looted around the room, as well, so the player can feel easier about survival.

After this, the player will take an elevator up, then pass by a contaminated area that contains a small crate with a random piece of loot, this area is optional to enter and will not hinder the player's progress. Next, the player will enter Koby's restaurant where several rioters, along with Dr. Kandel, are located. Once the first few rioters are eliminated, a small second wave will appear, after which another wave will burst through doors that contain a ladder that the player will take to get to the roof. Once the restaurant is clear and Kandel is freed, the player must make their way to the roof where the named Elite enemy Hutch and a standard rioters are shooting at a JTF helicopter. Once Hutch and the remaining rioters have been eliminated, the player can loot the nearby crates and make their way back down to the entrance via the nearby elevator shaft.

Fact: If Hutch is killed before he jumps down, another Heavy Weapons enemy will come out the middle door (2 Heavy Weapons will spawn in if there is more than 1 player in the group).


  • Secure the Lobby.
  • Patch Faye into the security system.
  • Rescue Dr. Kandel.
  • Protect Dr. Kandel.
  • Secure the roof.


Upon first completion, Dr. Jessica Kandel is safely escorted to the Base of Operations and opens the Medical Wing for use. The mission can be repeated, however the player will only receive the Medical Wing supplies and experience on the first completion of the mission. The quantity or quality of the rewards depends on the difficulty chosen.

  • Medical 700 Medical Wing Supplies
  • Exp 4,400
  • Doctor: Jessica Kandel


  • Credits 250 Credits
  • Standard Weapon


  • Credits 376 Credits
  • Specialized Equipment


Image Title Description Gamerscore Trophy
The Doctor Rescue and extract Dr. Jessica Kandel. 10Gamerscore Bronze Trophy icon Bronze


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