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Manhunt: Jupiter is the first Manhunt to be included in the Season format. This manhunt is part of the Shadow Tide season, and deals with the rogue agent cell led by Molly "Jupiter" Henderson. In order to locate each rogue agent, Division agents must complete several activities in various districts throughout Washington, D.C., Lower Manhattan, The Pentagon, and Coney Island.


Neptune was a former flight engineer from Staten Island, New York. He was confirmed rogue after sabotaging base infrastructure, killing and wounding multiple members of the JTF.

In order to locate the rogue agent Chadwick "Neptune" Brandon , agents must clear out the Constitution Hall, Foggy Bottom, and West End zones in Washington, D.C. They must also clear out the Roosevelt Island Stronghold. Clearing these zones unlocks the following Comms collectibles: PLACEHOLDER

Constitution Hall Activities

Foggy Bottom Activities

West End Activities


Venus was a former physician from New Jersey. She was confirmed rogue after stealing multiple critical supply drops intended for the JTF and civilians.

To locate the rogue agent Lucy Anders (also known as "Venus"), agents need to clear the Downtown East, Federal Triangle, Judiciary Square, and The Pentagon zones.

Downtown East Activities

Federal Triangle Activities

Judiciary Square Activities

The Pentagon Activities


Saturn was a former attorney from Alexandria, Virginia. She was confirmed rogue after shooting down an extraction helicopter in DZ West, killing two JTF pilots and a Division agent.

By clearing out the Battery Park, Financial District, and Two Bridges zones in Lower Manhattan, as well as the Coney Island zone, allows Division Agents to locate the rogue agent Mary "Saturn" Masters.

Battery Park Activities

Financial District Activities

Two Bridges Activities

Coney Island Activities


Mercury was a former soldier and marketing manager for a tactical equipment company from Washington, D.C. He was confirmed rogue after torturing and executing prisoners.

In order to locate the rogue agent Ryan "Mercury" Chang, Division agents are required to clear the West Potomac Park, East Mall, Southwest, and Capitol Hill zones of his influence.

Potomac Park Activities

East Mall Activities

Southwest Activities

Capitol Hill Activities


Jupiter was a former security consultant from Long Island, New York. She was confirmed rogue after being linked to an incident in DZ-01 where two JTF officers were killed. Since then, she has been tied to the murders of at least fifteen JTF officers. She currently leads the Rogue Agent cell attempting to attack Washington, D.C,

Unlock Requirements

In order to unlock the ability to confront Jupiter, agents must do the following:

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