Manny Ortega was a National Guard signal-intelligence and communications specialist. He lost an uncle to a proto-Hyena gang while the two of them were together, and this fueled Manny's desire for justice. He rapidly became part of the hardcore contingent of the Joint Task Force stationed at the White House, and became the voice in the earpiece of surviving Division agents. He assigns the missions for the agent to complete and is in charge of coordinating SHD operations throughout Washington, D.C..

Mixing a shrewd situational awareness with acerbic humor, Manny quickly wove himself into the fabric of The Division in D.C. He still has some family in California, but he is not able to contact them at present due to SHD Network issues.


Manny Ortega was in Washington, D.C. when the outbreak hit. During the first days, before the total collapse of society, Manny's uncle (Mateo Ortega) was killed by two future members of the Hyenas. After this point, Manny spent his time as a signalist in the JTF. He slowly rose in rank mainly through attrition. His superiors, for one reason or another, left their positions, and he took their place. It is assumed that this is mainly due to death and desertions from the Green Poison. He eventually became the Division Coordinator, playing a role similar to Faye Lau in New York City.


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