Manny Ortega is a character in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. He is The Division Coordinator. Manny can be met after The White House has been liberated from the Hyenas who were attacking it. He assigns the missions for the agent to complete and is in charge of coordinating SHD operations throughout the capital.


Manny Ortega was in Washington, D.C. when the outbreak hit. During the first days, before the total collapse of society, Manny's uncle (Mateo Ortega) was killed by two future members of the Hyenas. After this point, Manny spent his time as a signalist in the JTF. He slowly rose in rank mainly through attrition. His superiors, for one reason or another, left their positions, and he took their place. It is assumed that this is mainly due to death from the Green Poison. He eventually became The Division Coordinator, playing a role similar to Faye Lau in N.Y.C. He is the person who assigns missions to the agent.


True Sons have this area locked down, but if you can capture their control point, you'll be clearing the way for the settlement to take it over.
- Manny alerts the player of a nearby control point that requires liberation.

Pick your spot and plan. You don't want to just rush into this.
- Manny warns the player that he/she should pick a spot before they start engaging on the control point.

Taking that control point out of action is going to make a huge difference for the settlement. They needed this.
- Once a control point is captured, Manny tells the player that the control point just captured will make a huge difference for the settlement.

If any agents can hear me, this is the White House, we are under attack and cannot hold out for long. Requesting assistance from any available agent immediately.
- Manny warns that the White House is under siege, he requests that the player heads toward the White House to aid in the fight.

The Base of Operations is under attack. Hostile forces have breached our southern perimeter.
- Manny warns that the Base of Operations is under attack.

We are in need of immediate assistance. Repeat. Need immediate assistance from any nearby agents.
- Manny needs any available agent in the area to help him immediately with securing The White House.

All government personnel: The White House is under attack. This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill.
- Manny warns everyone stationed at the White House that the Base of Operations is under attack and that it is not a drill.

Agent, if you can hear us on this frequency, keep pushing toward and blindside these bastards.
- Manny tells the player to keep heading straight on and to kill the Hyenas that are trying to take over the White House.

The neighborhoods you'll be moving through are Hyena territory. They're a bunch of vicious assholes who prey on the weak and vulnerable and kill for kicks. And they destroy whatever they can't steal for themselves. They've been an especially serious problem for the Theater settlement. Given our situation, we NEED the help of the settlements, but they can't do much if they're struggling to survive. So see what you can do to take some pressure off them. But don't forget we have to get the SHD Network back to full strength, in a lot of places, the Division has been the only thing holding people together. But with D.C. as the priority, most agents are completely cut off. They're not going to last long without support.
- Manny currently fills in the agent on the issues around Washington D.C.

By the way, Agent. Head downstairs and check in with the Quartermaster. He can get you set up with some Division tech. You're going to need the edge.
- After Manny meets the agent, he instructs the agent to go meet up with the Quartermaster for some Division tech.

You're right next to the Grand Washington Hotel.
- Manny informs the player that they're right next to the Grand Washington Hotel.

There's a new sheriff in town.
- Manny describing on how the agent is described at in one of his chess pieces.

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