Call-sign Shade. Marley Yarrow was activated during the second wave in New York. Worked for a PMC before she was activated. We're pretty sure she's embedded with the Rikers.

Marley Yarrow, call-sign ''Shade'', is one of four lieutenants of Bardon Schaeffer in the Concealed Agenda season.


Before being activated, Marley Yarrow was a parole officer in the greater metropolitan area. Many of her freedmen were imprisoned in Rikers and when she was activated, she saw how they were mistreated and was recruited by the rogue agent James Dragov to help support the Rikers. Prior to going rogue, she worked closely with Faye Lau, who recruited her to Black Tusk after Dragov's death.


Marley Yarrow was activated as part of the second wave in New York City. Seeing the mistreatment of the Rikers, she was recruited by rogue agent James Dragov to help support the Rikers.

At some point after Dragov's death, she was brought into Black Tusk by Faye Lau.

Marley was brought into Bardon Schaeffer's team when Bardon made a deal to send supplies to her and the Rikers to ensure wreaking havoc on The Division in N.Y.C. While Bardon claims that he wants to be on the right side, Marley dismissed that assertion

She conversed with the Rikers regarding the supplies, even telling one of the Rikers to not spread around any gossip about Schaeffer.

During the op, Yarrow was called by Schaeffer for a meet, but was being stood up as Schaeffer had some "affairs " that he need to take care of in Washington D.C. Yarrow is displeased being stood up, and told Schaeffer that if next time he wanted to meet, ping her at Two Bridges, as it is too much trouble to get of the Manhattan Island.

Eventually, one of The Division's agents caught up to her, fighting off dozens of Rikers. And in spite of the sudden appearance of a Hunter fighting off Rikers and disappearing after a fight, Marley would eventually be eliminated by The Division.


Shade is a Rogue Agent armed with a G36 Enhanced, PP-19 Enhanced, Sniper Turrets, Explosive Seeker-Mines and Nail Bomb Grenades.

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