• Agent Mask
  • Adjustable Mask
  • CBRN Mask
  • Corrections Mask
  • Heavy Duty Mask
  • Lab Mask
  • Patrol Mask
  • Preparedness Mask
  • Protective Mask
  • Recruit Mask
  • Hybrid Mask
  • Rapid Assault Mask
  • Shooter Mask
  • Riot Mask
  • Rush Mask


Masks are used when exploring Contaminated areas (Red Zones) and the Dark Zone, where it is always worn. The Mask will act like any other Gear piece by providing Armor, somehow, and granting a boost to one of the three stats. The rarity of the Mask does not make a difference when determining the Filter level. A High-End mask can still be useless in a level 4 Filter Zone if the player only has a level 3 Filter. Filters can be upgraded (4 being the highest level) by collecting Medical Wing Supplies and upgrading the Wing. Note that there is not option to wear the Mask outside of the Dark or Contaminated Zones.

Possible attributes

Major Attributes

Standard (0) Specialized (1) Superior (1) High-end (1) Attribute
+ + + +x% Health on Kill
+ + + +x% Armor Damage
+ + + +x% Critical Hit Chance
+ + + +x% Exotic Damage Resilience
+ + + +x Skill Power

Note: Superior and High-end Masks have 1 Gear Mod Slot by default, so you can have 2 slots

Minor Attributes

Standard (1) Specialized (1) Superior (1) High-end (1) Attribute
+ + + +x% Disorient Resistance
+ + + +x% Blind/Deaf Resistance
+ + + +x% Burn Resistance
+ + + + +x% Increased Kill XP
+ + + +x% Damage to Elites

Skill attributes

Note: all skill attributes are available on all gear qualities.

Possible talents

  • Enduring: While in your last segment, your health continuously regenerates to fill up the segment.
  • Refreshed: When your health is in the last segment, all your healing is improved by 30%.
  • Rejuvenated: Consuming a medkit also removes all negative status effects from you.
  • Tenacious: Using a Medkit increases your damage by 9.5% for 10 seconds.
  • Rehabilitated: When you are affected by a status effect you are healed for 2% every second.
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