You want peace and love? I give you these instead. Abrazos Gratis, motherfucker.
- Juri "Medved" Volkov, recently freed Rikers Island inmate

The Medved is an Exotic Shotgun in Tom Clancy's The Division.

It can drop from the Clear Sky boss, Slider.

In GameEdit

The Medved is a variant of the SASG-12 Shotgun, specifically the Tactical SASG-12 K variant. The Medved offers a unique weapon skin, and only has two mod slots, for the magazine and optics.

Weapon Exotic TalentEdit

As is typical of most Exotic weapons, the Medved features two random weapon talents and a third, exclusive talent that makes the weapon what it is:

Center Mass

Talent | Center Mass
Shoots heavy slugs instead of buckshot.

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