I'm gonna remember killing you. It's been a while since I could say that about anyone.
- Milla "Wyvern" Radek

Has a Ukrainian mother and Israeli father. Joined the Israeli Defense Force when she was 19 and quickly earned a reputation as an outstanding soldier. After four years of service, she joined the French Foreign Legion, where her comrades gave her the nickname "Wyvern". She respects leadership and will always follow orders without question. Bardon Schaeffer notes she is a strong and capable soldier but she lacks the dedication to "not kill civilians".

After the Black Tusk operative, Mantis, had been captured by Division agents Dunne, Ward and Johnson, Wyvern ordered her men to carry an assassination on Mantis, to prevent her from spilling secrets on the organization to the Division agents.

Sometime later, after The Division drove the True Sons out of the capitol, Black Tusk forces invaded high valuable sites across Washington, D.C. While Division agents were busy dealing with the new threat, President Ellis meet with Bardon Schaeffer and Milla "Wyvern" Radek at a secret underground lab near The White House. President Ellis betrayed his country and side with the Black Tusk by handing Schaeffer the experimental antivirals. Schaeffer then handed them to Wyvern and tell her to store them at their stronghold in Tidal Basin.

Through the ECHO, Division agents knew where the Black Tusk stored the anti-virals, and assaulted their stronghold at Tidal Basin. Intending to follow orders, Wyvern attempted to escape with the important cargo, but Division agents crippled her transports. In rage, Wyvern seeks revenge on The Division, discarding her orders to secure the anti-virals and attempts to use rocket launchers to launch an attack on their Base of Operations, The White House. She faced Division agents in an attempt to kill them and defend the rocket launchers, which she failed in doing both, and is killed by a Division Agent, and lost the antivirals to the hands of The Division.

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