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Missions are scripted, instanced activities in Tom Clancy's The Division, the equivalent to "dungeons" in other games. These activities, alongside Side Missions, Encounters and HVTs are found in the overworld and can be done solo or - in most cases - in a group with other players. Missions provide rewards and Exp.pngexperience while progressing the main story, as the player works to restore Manhattan, defeat the organized threats against it, and find a way to stop the Green Poison.

Missions are separated into three categories, each representing that mission's overall topic and which wing of the Base of Operations it's associated with: Medical.png Medical, Tech.png Tech, and Security.png Security. Compared to Encounters, these missions offer a generous amount of points towards the respective wing upon first time completion.

Missions can be replayed at any time at various levels of difficulty. At minimum, all missions have a "Normal" mode and a more difficult "Hard" mode; fewer missions have a "Challenging" mode, and even fewer still have a "Legendary" or "Heroic" mode. The overall structure of any given mission remains the same regardless of difficulty, but at higher difficulties, enemies become notably stronger or, at certain difficulties, replaced with an entirely different enemy faction with even deadlier enemies. Completing missions at these higher difficulties rewards the player with better - occasionally exclusive - loot, increased Credits.pngcredits and Exp.pngexperience, and Phoenix credits.pngPhoenix Credits.

When an agent reaches the maximum character level of 30, they will have access to Daily Missions. Every 24 hours, players are given a checklist of 3 specific missions to complete and the difficulty they must be completed at; there will always be 2 Hard missions and 1 Challenging mission. Completing a daily mission task rewards a bonus stipend of additional rewards and currency.

There are 18 main campaign missions and 15 side missions.


Medical Missions

  1. Madison Field Hospital
  2. Hudson Refugee Camp
  3. Broadway Emporium
  4. Amherst's Apartment
  5. Russian Consulate


Tech Missions

  1. Subway Morgue
  2. Times Square Power Relay
  3. Police Academy
  4. WarrenGate Power Plant
  5. Rooftop Comm Relay


Security Missions

  1. Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint
  2. Napalm Production Site
  3. Lexington Event Center
  4. Queens Tunnel Camp
  5. Grand Central Station

Other Story Missions

  1. Precinct Siege (Located in Brooklyn, serves as tutorial)
  2. Establish Base of Operations (Unlocks the Base of Operations for use)
  3. Booting up the Base of Operations (Introduction to the Medical.png Medical, Tech.png Tech, and Security.png Security wing)
  4. Unlock the Medical Wing (Introduction to Dr. Jessica Kandel)
  5. Unlock the Tech Wing (Introduction to Paul Rhodes)
  6. Unlock the Security Wing (Introduction to Cpt. Roy Benitez)
  7. Discover the Dark Zone (Introduction the Dark Zone)
  8. General Assembly (Final mission of the main campaign)
  9. Unknown Signal (Epilogue)
  10. Incursions (Max level and World Tier 2 minimum required, accessible after completing General Assembly)
  11. Secure Quarantine Center (A side mission after General Assembly)
  12. The End is NY (Underground Mission)