Missions are scripted, instanced activities in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and is required to be completed in order for the Player to progress through the main story. Within each Mission, will allow the player to take back Washington, D.C., fight against the Enemy Factions, and at the same time, be rewarded with a generous amount of XP and Gear for the player to constantly progress up the story.

Missions are separated by two categories, one that is given by Civilian Settlements, and the other that is given directly from the Strategic Homeland Division. Alongside Missions given by these two sources, various Side Missions are also given, that reward a good portion of XP and Gear as well, which are highly recommended for those who are looking for better gear in their journey from level 1 - 30.

Working alongside Missions are Strongholds, which serves as much bigger Missions with multiple bosses. There are only 3 Strongholds in the Main Story, one representing each of the three enemy factions in Washington, D.C., and would also act as the last "Missions" of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, before progressing to the Endgame.

Theater Settlement Missions

Theater Settlement Missions provide, upon completion, some sort of upgrade to the Theater Settlement. The major missions unlock a new progression tier, while the side missions tend to unlock a single upgrade.

Main Missions

Side Missions

Castle Settlement Missions

The Castle Settlement mission is solely for revenge against the True Sons for the destruction of the Castle Settlement.

Main Missions

Campus Settlement Missions

Campus Settlement missions are missions that provide an upgrade to the Campus Settlement in one way or another. The main missions unlock the next tier, while the side missions add a single upgrade to the settlement.

Main Missions

Side Missions

SHD Missions

SHD Missions provide benefits to The Division directly, instead of to the Civilian Militia settlements. Main missions will provide an upgrade to the D.C. Base of Operations, while side missions typically provide blueprints or SHD tech.

Main Missions

Side Missions

Invaded Missions

Main article: Invaded Missions

Once a player hits the endgame, the Black Tusk invades. This unlocked several Invaded missions that rotate weekly.


DLC Missions

Main Missions

Side Mission

Warlords of New York

Warlords of New York introduces five new main missions, one for each lieutenant, and one for Aaron Keener.

Other Missions




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