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Mobile Cover is a Security skill appearing in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Requirement: Security Wing Upgrade - Armory


Creates a temporary cover for one person, which provides standard cover until destroyed.

Mod 1: Extension

The cover provides more protection and extends to protect two persons.

Extension also increases threat for players behind it.

Mod 2: Blast Cover

The cover is fitted with explosives on the front damaging targets in that direction.

Explosion inflicts Blind/Deaf.

Mod 3: Countermeasures

Gain increased damage while behind cover and makes you invulnerable to pulses.

Master: Second Chance

When the shield is destroyed from incoming damage, any allies behind it will receive temporary damage resistance.

Max Cap for all Mobile Covers

Life Points: 1,200,000 HP

Cooldown: 15 seconds


  • Mobile Cover, as its name implies, deploys a fixed piece of cover which can be useful for areas that lack in cover.
  • The Extension mod is arguably one of the best skill mods to equip as it not only doubles the mobile cover's health pool but also allows two other players to hunker down.
  • Always deconstruct your mobile cover before moving on to the next area as it will not destroy itself.
  • When placed correctly It also comes in handy for blocking doorways stopping enemies from passing.
  • Cooldown for the Mobile Cover will only start when the cover is destroyed or deconstructed.
  • Deploying a Mobile Cover equipped with the Countermeasures mod is an efficient and safe way to increase the DPS of one party member, for instance a sniper or LMG user.
  • If the battlefield has plenty of cover, it might be a good idea to use Blast Cover for extra explosive. However, if Mobile Cover doesn't have any other use, Sticky Bomb or Seeker Mine are better picks.
  • In P-V-E, Mobile Cover with Extension and Turret with Zapper are a good combo. Extension can "protect" the fragile Zapper by increasing player Threat, allowing it to slow down hostiles from somewhere else.
  • Blast cover inflicts Blind/Deaf along with the damage. This can be used as a replacement for Flashbang Sticky Bomb, due to its higher damage and lower cooldown, despite having smaller radius.


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