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Not to be confused with The White House, the D.C. Base of Operations in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

The N.Y.C. Base of Operations (or BOO) is the main hub of Tom Clancy's The Division. Located in Pennsylvania Plaza, the James Farley Post Office was converted by the Catastrophic Emergency Response Agency (CERA) into a contamination screening station and later into the Joint Task Force's (JTF) main base of operations with Division support.

The Base of Operations allows players to establish a safe haven for themselves and other people within the game, such as NPCs. When the player arrives in New York, they receive a mission from Faye Lau to assist the JTF garrison at the post office, who are currently under siege by Rioters.

When the player first arrives at the post office, the entire front of the building is surrounded by enemies that will have to be eliminated before the player can proceed into the base. Once inside, the BOO will initially appear in disrepair; boxes, crates and trash are scattered across its floors, and the few facilities that are online are nowhere near enough to run effective operations. Once they take over the base, there are three wings within the Base of Operations: the Tech Wing, the Medical Wing, and the Security Wing. Initially, all of these wings will appear offline, but through completing main missions and encounters, the player will begin to accumulate the supplies and personnel needed to effectively run these wings.

Throughout the game, the player will upgrade the three wings, adding more facilities and personnel; by the end of the game, the player should have a fully operational Base of Operations. Upgrading the different wings of the BOO also provides in-game merit, adding daily collectable supplies (weapon parts, crafting materials, consumables, etc.), Dark Zone perks, more advanced vendors, access to new skills, skill mods and talents, increased JTF patrols, and other facilities and changes the player can utilize. By restoring the Base of Operations, the player creates a more livable and efficient space for the JTF personnel and civilians of Manhattan.

The Base of Operations is the player's fortress in the wilderness, a personal space and a mirror of the progress of taking back Manhattan.

The base has a Mission Map and Mission Giver along with a weapon, Mods, Gears, and Rewards Vendor.

After reaching level 30, the player will gain access to a special gear vendor located in the Terminal. This vendor sells Gear Set items, along with Exotic weapons and High-End gear and weapons. The Terminal is the launching point of every DLC based expansion added since Patch 1.3. To Tom Clancy's The Division.

Base Location

The location of the Base of Operations is the James Farley Post Office in Manhattan, New York. It has Roman pillars, a long staircase and blue CERA banners, as well as ramparts with the JTF logo. The post office is occupied by a garrison of Joint Task Force soldiers, but once the BOO is somewhat functional, civilians will also be allowed inside to utilize its various facilities. It is located roughly 500 meters from Camp Hudson, which is the primary staging area for the JTF and the starting location for the player in Manhattan. After activating the upgrade, Guard Posts, in the Security Wing, the player will see JTF patrols that consist of 2 or 3 men actively patrol around the perimeter. Although the BOO retains general security, some Rioters still roam around the base. For example, there is a small enemy outpost, where even after the player captures it, 1 or 2 Rioters will be spotted. This shows the weak part of the base is the rear western part of the building.

Base Wings

The Base of Operations consists of three wings: Medical, Security, and Tech, which are all accessible in the main concourse. Each wing starts in an offline status and requires the player to locate and boot up a laptop within each wing to bring the wing online. Once online, the player must first then complete story missions to locate an NPC with the skills to run the wing.

With an NPC leader in place, each wing can then be upgraded by spending the appropriate resource type in any order. Each upgrade can provide one or more Perks, Skills, or Talents for the player, as well as making cosmetic changes to the wing and the base overall.

Medical Wing

Managed by Dr. Jessica Kandel, the Medical Wing can be unlocked by completing the mission Madison Field Hospital.

Once unlocked, the Medical wing has ten possible upgrades, each of which requires medical supply resources to build. These resources can be acquired through completing medical missions or medical encounters such as Virus Research, recapture of medical supply drops and Hostage Rescue.

Total cost of 4,000 Medical Supplies required to unlock all upgrades.

Upgrades: Medical Wing
Name Cost Rewards
perk skill talent
Clinic 500 Medical Wing Supplies Medkits First Aid
Virus Lab 500 Medical Wing Supplies Protective Measures Support Station
Disaster Aid 1,000 Medical Wing Supplies Canned Food
Recovery Link
Quarantine 400 Medical Wing Supplies Contamination Intel Pulse
Intensive Care 400 Medical Wing Supplies Medkits
Hazmat Unit 400 Medical Wing Supplies Protective Measures
Decontamination Unit 200 Medical Wing Supplies Hazardous Materials Adrenaline
Pharmacy 200 Medical Wing Supplies Rigger
Protective Measures
Shock and Awe
Battle Buddy
Counseling 200 Medical Wing Supplies Credit Critical Save
Pediatric Care 200 Medical Wing Supplies Medkits

Security Wing

Led by Captain Roy Benitez, the commander of the remaining JTF, the Security Wing can be unlocked by completing the mission Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint.

Once unlocked, there are ten possible upgrades to the Security Wing, each requiring security supply resources to build. These resources can be acquired through completing security missions or security encounters, such as JTF Support or rescuing JTF men who are held as hostages.

Total cost of 4,000 Security required to unlock all upgrades.

Upgrades: Security Wing
Name Cost Rewards
perk skill talent
Canine Unit 200 Security Intel Discovery Repo Reaper
One is None
Situation Room 500 Security Experienced Agent Smart Cover
Armory 500 Security Grenades
Advanced Weaponry
Mobile Cover
Shooting Range 200 Security Shooting Range Stopping Power
Desperate Times
Barracks 1,000 Security Combat Veteran Survivor Link
Dark Zone Ops 400 Security Hazardous Materials
Black Market Vendor
Supply Line 400 Security Clothes Vendor
Gunsmith 400 Security Gunsmith
Explosive Bullets
Procurement Team 200 Security Scavenger Steady Hands
On the Move
Guard Posts 200 Security Special Ammo
Incendiary Bullets
Chain Reaction

Tech Wing

Overseen by JTF engineer Paul Rhodes, the Tech Wing is unlocked by completing the mission Subway Morgue.

Once unlocked, there are ten possible upgrades to the Tech Wing, each requiring tech supply resources to build. These resources can be acquired through completing tech missions or tech encounters.

Total cost of 4,200 Tech required to unlock all upgrades.

Upgrades: Tech Wing
Name Cost Rewards
perk skill talent
Control Room 500 Tech Inventory Turret
Division Tech 1,000 Tech Engineer
Division Tech Materials
Tactical Link
Communications 500 Tech Hazardous Materials Seeker Mine
Central Heating 400 Tech Energy Bar Tactical Advance
Demolition Expert
SatComms 200 Tech Resource Assessment Police Up
Fear Tactics
Recalibration 400 Tech Stat Switch Evasive Action
Tech Support
Recharge Center 200 Tech Dark Zone Funds Death by Proxy
Field Engineering 200 Tech Craftsman
Water Purification 400 Tech Water
Generators 400 Tech Soda Sticky Bomb


This is where the player pick up the players extracted Dark Zone Loot. It also holds space to store items instead of keeping them in the player's inventory.

Special Gear Vendor

Once a player hits level 30, a special vendor appears in the Terminal. He sells the best gear available in the game. However, the vendor only accepts Phoenix Credits, which severely hampers the players' ability to take advantage of the items he has on offer.

The Terminal

The newest addition to the Base of Operations is the Terminal. Here, the player can embark on dangerous Underground missions and operations, provided they have DLC 1: Underground installed. They can also play the Survival game mode, provide they have DLC 2: Survival installed, or participate in a match of Last Stand, provided they have DLC 3: Last Stand installed.

More details can be found at The Terminal's page.

Events of Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Following the events of Tom Clancy's The Division, Aaron Keener resurfaced in New York after a 6-month hiatus of inactivity. During such time, The Division and the JTF have set up various bases throughout the city, notably two in Hell's Kitchen and City Hall. Although we do not know the status of the post office at this time, it can be assumed that it was either abandoned or still being run by the JTF. There are no audio logs at this time to inform us of the status of the post office.


  • The Base of Operations is powered by generators in the subway system and also by backup generators which are upgraded from the laptop at the Tech wing. This is the reason why Faye Lau said to the agent that it is vital to restore power.