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Tom Clancy’s The Division - Enemy Factions US

Tom Clancy’s The Division - Enemy Factions US

As New York and Manhattan fell apart, people banded together to survive by any means possible. Others took the opportunity to break out of the nearby prison, while others still decided to stay behind in the quarantine and do their believed civic duty by burning out the virus. The inhabitants of Manhattan all have their own origins and their stories.

The Division

Main article: Strategic Homeland Division

The Division is a group of sleeper agents who work for the government. They are activated during the worst possible situation and are the last line of defense when all else fails.

Joint Task Force

Main article: Joint Task Force

The Joint Task Force is a coalition of the National Guard, firefighters, police officers, and volunteers. They are all that remains of their respective groups and work to stabilize the country.


Main article: Rioters

Rioters were once civilians, but they have decided that the best way to survive is with the gun. Others come from the remnants of street gangs that collapsed from the Green Poison


Main article: Cleaners

Cleaners are a fanatical group mostly made up of former sanitation workers. Their goal is to burn the Green Poison out of New York City, and they don't care who gets in their way.


Main article: Rikers

The Rikers escaped from Rikers Island Prison and their only goal is to have fun because the world is ending so why not?

Last Man Battalion

Main article: Last Man Battalion

The Last Man Battalion was once in charge of protection Wall Street, but has since become a rogue organization who's goal is control of the entire US.


Main article: Hunters

Hunters are a mysterious faction who's goal appears to be just killing First and Second Wave Division Agents

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