The National Guard Gear Set is a set of clothing and weapons available early to those who bought the season pass. The set consists of a jacket, pants, a cap with a POF P416 weapon and thematic skin and a backpack with 50 armor.

Suit Edit

The suit is a grey-green variant of the U.S. Army Combat Uniform (ACU) in the digital camouflage pattern. The ACU blouse is covered with a digital ACU parka, presumably worn over the player's body armor. A bandolier is crossed over the chest of the jacket. An SHD shoulder patch is affixed to the jacket's right shoulder, but it serves as the only identifying mark to separate an SHD agent from normal National Guard personnel. The cap is an ACU patrol cap. Black full finger HAWK gloves. 1 ACU medic pouch, 1 ACU phone case, 1 EMERSON gun holster tan ver. and 2 CONDOR ACU mag pouches.

Backpack Edit

The Guardsman backpack is a green and grey digital camouflage backpack which is larger than the basic backpack. It raises the overall armor of the player while equipped, granting decreased damage intake. 

Weapon Edit

This weapon in this set is a POF P416 Assault Rifle with a custom is a grey-green "digital camo" skin. It is made by an American company, Patriot Ordnance Factory, and is an AR-pattern rifle that uses a gas-piston operating system in an effort to improve reliability over the M4 and M16's direct impingement system. It is fully automatic. 

Gallery Edit

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