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NinjaBike Messengers deliver your important packages anywhere in Manhattan securely, speedily and confidentially. Our messengers can't open our bags without client approval. Literally can't. These things are indestructible.
- Description

The NinjaBike Messenger Bag is an Exotic backpack gear piece. It can drop from named enemies in the Dark Zone, as well as Field Proficiency Caches and Survival Caches. However, the exotic backpack can also be dropped from named enemies in the Light Zone.

The bag's purpose in a player's build is to serve as a "wild card" gear piece, able to fulfill a set bonus requirement for potentially multiple (non-Classified) gear sets at the same time. For example, if a player has three pieces of the Sentry's Call set and two pieces of the Hunter's Faith set equipped, and they equip the NinjaBike messenger bag, then the bag will simultaneously count as a gear piece for both gear sets for the purposes of unlocking their respective bonuses; effectively, the messenger bag gives the player a four-piece Sentry's Call set and a three-piece Hunter's Faith set at the same time.


Talent: NinjaBike messenger bag

  • Slots in with any equipped Gear Set item to fulfill a requirement towards unlocking a Gear Sets bonus. Can unlock bonuses from multiple sets simultaneously. Cannot unlock Classified Gear Set bonuses.


  • Before it was revamped in Update 1.7, the backpack's unique talent was "Drop 1 item less and lose 20% less XP when killed in the Dark Zone."
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