The last surviving member of Noble Squad assaults a Rikers' hideout in an attempt to save their captive.

ECHO Details

  • Current Status: Unknown
  • Occupation: Division Agent
  • Details: Active during First Wave

SHD Identification: Doug Sutton
  • Heartrate: 193 BPM
  • Status: Adrenaline redline,; severe blood loss

  • Details: Sticky Bomb loaded and fired

Bullet trajectory
  • Details: 9mm, 1.312 ft/sec

Unknown Combatant
  • Current Status: Deceased
  • Occupation: "Rikers" gang
  • Details: Terminated by Agent Doug Sutton

Blood spatter
  • Type: BPositive

  • Current Status: Unknown
  • Occupation: Grant writer and consultant
  • Details: Registered residence in Park Slope, Brooklyn


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