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Odessa Sawyer is a character in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Odessa is an NPC who will give you the Grand Washington Hotel mission. She is the person in charge of the Theater Settlement.


Odessa Sawyer is a former Division agent originally serving in D.C. Her unexpected retirement was due to being shot in the leg by a Hyena sniper that maimed her lower right leg but was saved by agent Alani Kelso. The event however, required her to use a crude prosthetic leg as a replacement and led to her being retired due to no longer being combat effective. She struggled on with administrative duties at the Base of Operations, but eventually relocated to the Theater, where she became leader. She is fiercely dedicated to the rebuilding effort and will not hesitate to use or advocate violence to protect her people. Odessa has a daughter named Eleanor who was kidnapped by Hyenas during the events of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 while trying to get Odessa and held hostage at the Grand Washington Hotel. She was rescued by Division agents led by Alani Kelso. In return, Odessa promises to pay back her debts to her rescuers. Her husband was a former police officer, who was killed by criminals whom he was investigating shortly after the Green Poison outbreak.


Sawyer is ruthless and battle-hardened. However, she's also traumatized by injury and feels guilty about abandoning the Division. She is loyal to those who help her out and is fiercely protective of her daughter.

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