Operation Dark Winter was a real-world event in which Tom Clancy's The Division is inspired from.

In 2001, an operation known as "Dark Winter" was launched. It was a real-world exercise that tested the emergency response to a bioterror attack on the United States. The simulation spiraled out of control within a few days, and predicted that a "breakdown in essential institutions," civil disorder, and massive civilian casualties.

"Dark Winter has revealed how vulnerable we've become. Our lifestyle, our security, our safety depends on a delicate and unstable economy. We've created a system so complicated that we no longer understand how to control it. Oil, power, shipping, transport -- we live in a complex world, and the more complex it gets, the more fragile it becomes. The system is built on a global supply chain that gets things where they're needed -- just in time. We've created a house of cards. Remove just one, and everything falls apart. And what's fueling this system? Money."
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