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List of OpticsEdit

Large OpticsEdit

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The number of attributes an optic supplies is based on the rarity of the optic. A standard rarity optic will have 1 major attribute, while a specialized rarity optic will have 2.


  • Accuracy
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Headshot Damage
  • Headshot Kill XP
  • Optimal Range

Variants Edit

  • Improved Iron Sights: Available for Submachine Guns and Assault Rifles, they provide higher stability with a slightly higher accuracy; the on-screen cross hair will have a red dot in the center when triggered.
  • Holographic Lens: These optics (i.e. Russian red dot sight and PRO Red Dot Sight) provide higher stability, higher accuracy, and slightly longer range; the on-screen cross hair will have a red dot in the center and the screen will be zoomed in when triggered.
  • Filter Lens: These optics (i.e. ACOG scope and C79 Scope) provide higher accuracy, longer range, and higher critical hit chance; the player's viewpoint will be focused through the lens, although the lens does not zoom in, rather acting more as a filter (hence the name Filter Lens).
  • Zoom Scope: These optics (i.e. VX-1 Scope and Mk4 M5A2 scope) provide much higher accuracy, much longer range, a high critical hit chance, and a headshot bonus when used on Marksman Rifles; the player's viewpoint is focused through the lens while the scope also zooms in.