The Outcasts are a major enemy faction in Tom Clancy's The Division 2, they are hell-bent on revenge because they were forced to be quarantined and imprisoned. Their leader, Emeline Shaw, believes everyone is complicit and urges her followers to punish the guilty by spreading sickness and murdering indiscriminately. They are notorious for their sadistic nature and religious-like devotion to their cause, which is reflected in their use of suicide bombers and flamethrowers. They are the third most organized faction, and possibly the most violent in Washington, D.C., as they have known to mimic terrorist-style tactics such as suicide bombing and bioterrorism, their goals have even attracted those who weren't part of the quarantine on Roosevelt Island including those with Law-Enforcement or Military Training.

Their fanatical devotion to their ideals are somewhat similar to the Cleaners, and some Outcasts even utilize homemade flamethrowers that resemble the Cleaner's custom rifles. However, their goals appear to be the complete opposite of each other: The Cleaners wish to burn away all traces of the Green Poison, regardless of what must be sacrificed in the process, whereas the Outcasts want to spread death, disease, and misery wherever they go as revenge against a society that let them suffer in quarantine. 

Description Edit


Bitter survivors of a forced quarantine bent on revenge against those who brutally imprisoned them and the society that stood by and let it happen. Their charismatic, bloodthirsty leader believes everyone is complicit and urges her followers to punish the guilty by spreading sickness and murdering indiscriminately.

Relationship with other factions Edit

The outcasts despise the True Sons and mark them as the ones primarily responsible for the quarantine and treatment as they (as the Joint Task Force and under command of Antwon Ridgeway) were the ones who imprisoned them and left them to die in the first place. They have been known to attack the True Sons and execute any survivors. Despite this, they are not actively at war with the True Sons compared to the Hyenas and are more focused on terrorising the Campus settlement, such as sending people infected with green poison to try and infect the settlement (DCD headquarters), and attacking anyone who is affiliated with them.

However, for some reason, they are hostile towards the Hyenas, as an echo located on H street NW, near the World’s End control point provides evidence that at least one group of outcasts (Composed of the Kilt, The Swift, The Mast and 2 other unnamed outcasts) and at least one group of Hyenas (Composed of Shocks, Temper, Bullet and two other unnamed Hyenas) were fighting over territory while trying to take out a squad of True Sons that were guarding a building in Downtown West (Composed of Private Scott, Private Madding, Private Usher, Private McMasters and two other unnamed True Sons.)

Following the death of their leader, loss of their stronghold and the invasion of the Black Tusk, the Outcasts are now at war with every faction and are trying for control of positions within D.C.

However, Neptune has joined forces with some of them along with the Cleaners to create some sort of plan for D.C..

Tactics Edit

Outcasts are an untrained militia and as such act accordingly. They have an informal yet surprisingly effective combat style, and are inventive when coming up with weapons. Outcasts tactics are simple - to pin the target down with gunfire and allow their CQC specialists to enter combat (Rushers, Scorchers and Tanks). They are generally more disciplined than the Hyenas in their combat style, but less than the True Sons.

When they were organised and had a designated leader, they were a high level threat as they had begun to use biological warfare against the Division and The Campus, and would launch concentrated attacks. They had also established multiple bases of operation - Roosevelt Island being their primary base, but having bases at the Manning National Zoo, and Kenly College. But after the Division's concentrated campaign against them, they lost all their operating bases, weapon supply, and leaders, making them a low-to-medium level threat in DC.

Known Outcast Movements Edit

  • Specter Front West
  • Simple Movement
  • Simple Movement North
  • Simple Movement West
  • Simple Movement East
  • Simple Front East
  • Faith Front
  • Faith Front North
  • Faith Front East
  • Faith Front South
  • Faith Movement
  • Faith Movement South
  • Faith Movement East
  • Faith Movement North
  • Embers Front
  • Embers Front South
  • Embers Front North
  • Embers Movement
  • Embers Movement West
  • Evening Front
  • Evening Front East
  • Evening Front North
  • Evening Front South
  • Mourning Front
  • Mourning Front South
  • Mourning Front West
  • Mourning Front North
  • Peace Movement
  • Peace Movement East
  • Peace Front West
  • Peace Front South
  • Kindled Front
  • Kindled Front South
  • Kindled Front East
  • Kindled Front West
  • Kindles Front North
  • Kindled Movement
  • Kindled Movement West
  • Harbor Movement
  • Harbor Movement North
  • Harbor Movement West
  • Safe Harbor Front
  • Safe Harbor Front North
  • Safe Harbor Movement
  • Safe Harbor Movement West
  • Safe Harbor Movement South
  • Safe Harbor Movement North
  • Safe Harbor Front North
  • Safe Habor Front East
  • Hierophant Front East
  • Sacred Front
  • Sacred Front West
  • Sacred Front North
  • Sacred Front South
  • Dusk Front North
  • Dusk Front South
  • Dusk Front East
  • Mourning Front South
  • Mourning Front East
  • Mercy Front West
  • Mercy Front East
  • Harbinger's Front South
  • Harbinger's Front West
  • Dawn Front
  • Dawn Front North
  • Dawn Front East
  • Dawn Front South
  • Dawn Front West
  • Mourning Front
  • Angel's Path East
  • Angel's Path South
  • Truth Walkers North
  • Eternal Front West

Leadership Edit

  • Emeline Shaw - Leader of the Outcasts, brought to justice at Manning National Zoo.
  • Harlan Lloyd - Strategist of the Outcasts, apprehended by Alani Kelso.
  • The Basilisk - Head of Security, Killed by The Division at Roosevelt Island
  • The Salamander - Personal Bodyguard. Killed by The Division at  Roosevelt Island
  • The Craven - Head of Propaganda.
  • The Blade - Head Researcher - Killed by The Division at the DCD Headquarters.

Intelligence Brief Edit

Having suffered from their quarantine from the JTF under Colonel Ridgeway's administration, the Outcasts pursue only one goal; revenge. They seek to bring about calamity and destruction to those that wronged them and see any 'bystanders' as equally guilty for doing nothing but watching them suffer in Roosevelt Island. Their followers' zealous devotion to their leader and their cause, the usage of distinctive, if not, poetic titles by some members, and their leaders' religious guidance is among evidence to suggest the Outcasts is a cult. They might even see their revenge against the world as a crusade of sorts. Their irrational mindset, however, does not stop them from being sophisticated and thinking outside of the box. The Outcasts' usage of homemade weaponry and the diverse combat style is a testament to their unorthodox, yet effective ingenuity. They typically identify their territory with "decorations" of glass shards wrapped in caution tape as seen on the bridge to Roosevelt Island.

Named Members Edit

Leaders Edit

Manning National Zoo Edit

  • The Vehement - Killed by The Division at Manning National Zoo; Unique Assault that can use shock grenades.
  • The Devourer - Killed by The Division at Manning National Zoo; Unique Tank armed with a fire axe and contact mines and can be identified by the crocodile print on his helmet and shoulder plates.
  • The Harsh - Killed by The Division at Manning National Zoo; Unique Tank armed with a flamethrower, similar to Major Keates (The Lincoln Memorial), Cleaner Incinerators, and Kenly College tanks - see below.
  • The Raven - Killed by The Division at Manning National Zoo; Heavy Weapons.
  • The Agony (secret boss) - Killed by The Division at Manning National Zoo; Unique tank armed with a Carl Gustav RPG and stinger hives.

Kenly College Edit

Kenly Library Edit

  • The Harmed - Killed by The Division at the Kenly College Library, deployed IEDs ; Assault
  • The Bruised - Killed by The Division at the Kenly College Library, deployed IEDs ; Assault
  • The Broken - Killed by The Division at the Kenly College Library, encrypted military radio; Tank
  • The Censor - Killed by The Division at the Kenly College Library, encrypted military radio; Tank equipped with a flamethrower. 

Kenly Metro Edit

  • The Rat - Killed by The Division at the Kenly Metro, large chemical tank; Tank
  • The Hook - Killed by The Division at the Kenly Metro, large chemical tank; Tank
  • The Drummer- Killed by The Division at the Kenly Metro, Military Server investigation; Tank equipped with a flamethrower 
  • The Studied - Killed by The Division at the Kenly Metro military server investiation; Tank

Kenly Student Union Edit

  • The Absolved - Killed by The Division at Kenly Student Union, JTF Engineer Rescue; Tank armed with a flamethrower. 
  • The Spitfire - Killed by The Division at Kenly Student Union, server investigation; Heavy Weapons that can take no damage except when inflicted with the burning status effect.
  • The Kin - Killed by The Division at Kenly Student Union, server investigation; Heavy Weapons that can take no damage except when inflicted with the on burning status effect.
  • The Steadfast -  Killed by The Division at Kenly Student Union, IED investigation; Tank
  • The Pure -  Killed by The Division at Kenly Student Union, IED investigation; Scorcher with distinctive aviator shades.
  • The Sliver - Killed by The Division at Kenly Student Union, IED investigation; Tank
  • The Hammer - Killed by The Division at Kenly Student Union, IED investigation; Tank

Snitch Card Enemies Edit

Dark Zones Edit

DZ East

  • The Unbroken - Thrower
  • The Flame - Sniper
  • The Firmament - Tank
  • The Monastic - Assault
  • The Tired - Controller

DZ South

  • The Iron - Tank
  • The Loyalist - Thrower

DZ West

  • The Ceaseless - Sniper
  • The Knave - Controller
  • The Donor - Sniper

World Edit

  • The Brute
  • The Liberation - Heavy weapons
  • The Epidemic - Support
  • The Lush - Assault
  • The Savor - Thrower
  • The Array - Tank
  • The Paladin
  • The Heir
  • The Petty
  • The Silent
  • The Steady - Assault, Bounty Target
  • The Bylun - Sniper, Bounty Target
  • The Rogue - Scorcher
  • The Blossom
  • The Brave
  • The Donor
  • The Fearless
  • The Hanged
  • The Infidel
  • The Dawn - Thrower
  • The Designer
  • The Fealty
  • The Constant
  • The Wanderer
  • The Lamia
  • The Empire
  • The Immaculate - Support
  • The Architect
  • The Hermitage - Assault
  • The Priestess
  • The Fighter
  • The Ardent
  • The Patient
  • The Pleasing
  • The Mellow
  • The Bewitched
  • The Abandoned
  • The Liberation - Thrower in Bounty
  • The False
  • The Petty
  • The Vow
  • The Child
  • The Valet - Assault
  • The Fertile - Sniper
  • The Perpetual - Support
  • The Rod - Heavy Weapons
  • The Hermit - Controller
  • The Flush - Sniper
  • The Grating - Heavy Weapons
  • The Monastic - Tank
  • The Strained - Tank
  • The Breaker - Tank
  • The Match - Scorcher
  • The Unceasing - Support
  • The Unbreakable - Support
  • The Ranger - Scorcher
  • The Planner - Heavy Weapons
  • The Dawn - Thrower
  • The Monk - Scorcher
  • The Constant - Thrower
  • The Exalted - Controller
  • The Seeker - Scorcher
  • The Sparse - Support
  • The Liberation - Heavy Weapons
  • The Steady - Assault
  • The Flesh - Assault
  • The Liberator - Controller
  • The Apparent - Scorcher
  • The Unbroken - Heavy Weapons
  • The Battle-weary - Scorcher
  • The Architect - Tank
  • The Brethren - Controller
  • The Stranger - Support
  • The Unbroken - Tank
  • The Systemic - Heavy Weapons
  • The Guide - Sniper
  • The Coin - Scorcher
  • The Petty - Heavy Weapons
  • The Compassion - Controller
  • The Brethren - Controller
  • The Grievous - Scorcher
  • The Loyal - Thrower
  • The Strand - Sniper
  • The Mystic - Scorcher
  • The Row - Heavy Weapons
  • The Lush - Sniper
  • The Heir - Heavy Weapons
  • The Predisposed - Heavy Weapons
  • The Priestess - Scorcher
  • The Genesis - Support
  • The Perpetual - Sniper
  • The Just - Assault
  • The Arranger - Sniper
  • The Guide - Tank
  • The Kilt - Scorcher
  • The Mast - Rusher
  • The Swift - Assault
  • The Chariot - Support
  • The Hermitage - Assault
  • The Immaculate - Support
  • The Terra - Tank
  • The Row - Thrower
  • The Fealty - Assault
  • The Firm - Heavy Weapons
  • The Unbroken - Support
  • The Raffe - Tank
  • The Empress - Scorcher
  • The Draw - Sniper
  • The Fertile - Tank
  • The Viceroy - Heavy Weapons
  • The Rejected - Scorcher
  • The Bloom - Tank
  • The Launch - Support
  • The Loyal - Sniper
  • The Dawn - Sniper
  • The Keeper - Controller
  • The Dream - Thrower
  • The Jovial - Heavy Weapons
  • The Just - Assault
  • The Purity - Scorcher
  • The Firmament - Sniper
  • The Caring - Scorcher
  • The Hospice - Heavy Weapons
  • The Blossom - Assault
  • The Fealty - Assault
  • The Sparse - Support
  • The Bylun - Support
  • The Disposed - Assault
  • The Ruin - Scorcher
  • The Geist - Controller
  • The Unbroken - Thrower
  • The Sculptor - Support
  • The Sage - Support
  • The Perpetual - Heavy Weapons
  • The Ceaseless - Heavy Weapons
  • The Maker - Thrower
  • The Brave - Scorcher
  • The Mourning - Assault
  • The Epidemic - Thrower
  • The Lover - Heavy Weapons
  • The Hermitage - Thrower
  • The Rejected - Controller
  • The Mindful - Scorcher
  • The Systemic - Assault

Others Edit

  • Outcast Raynor
  • Outcast Hostetler
  • Outcast Coordinator

Weapons Used Edit

Special Ammo Edit

Unusable (Weapons and Grenades) Edit

  • RC car with Sawblades (Controller)
  • Explosive Vest (Rusher)
  • DC-62 Grenades (Assault) (Tank) (Dark Zones)
  • Molotov Cocktails (Throwers)
  • White Phosphorus Grenades (Throwers) (Elite)
  • Flamethrower (Scorcher)
  • Sledgehammer (Tank)
  • Bow with explosive arrows (Sniper)

Archetypes Edit

Before the outbreak, we used to call these guys co-workers, colleagues, friends and family. Now we just call them sons of bitches. I know they were wronged by that quarantine, but these guys have given themselves to vengeance instead of trying to rebuild. I know we were all wronged by it, but what they're doing now is beyond the pale.

The Assault Unit are survivors from the Roosevelt Island Quarantine who wish to seek revenge on those responsible. Although they lack combat experience, they fight with passion and are quickly learning their way on the battlefield.

Strategic Data

  • Basic attack troops that wield Classic AK-Ms (Regular) or a FAL SA-58 (Veteran/Elite). They can be identified by their black and yellow hooded cloaks and lack of special equipment, as well as civilian clothing underneath.
  • There are 2 different variants that can be recognised.
  • The first is a caucasian guy with a light gray and white checkered shirt and mostly yellow hood.
  • The second is an African-American man with a sky blue amd white checkered shirt and a mostly black hood.
  • In terms of tactics, they are more aggressive than True Sons Assaults, who are more cautious.
  • However, they are smarter than Hyena Assaults and use cover more often, and are better armed.
  • Elite assaults will be equipped with concussion grenades.
  • Named Assaults in the Dark Zone will be equipped with DC-62 Grenades.
  • Notable assaults include The Vehement (Manning National Zoo) and the Steady (Bounty).
  • Bounty Assaults use stolen SHD chem launchers.

I'm a big fan of explosions, but just how broken do you have to be to strap a bomb on yourself? Put a bullet in their tank and stand back. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't say it like that, but damn, I just don't know what else to say. It's frustrating when you think about us trying to rebuild while these assholes are giving everyone a front-row seat to their private apocalypse.

Rushers are suicide bombers that are infected with the Green Poison. They know they have a short life expectancy ahead of them and want to take down as many of their enemies as possible when they die. Rushers often spend their final hours listening to propaganda.

Strategic Data

  • A speedy suicide bomber equipped with an explosive vest.
  • They run at their target with the intent to blow themselves up, taking out the enemy in the process.
  • They are easily identified by their shaved head, light gear, and the flashing bomb on their vest. Their vest can be shot, causing them to explode prematurely, damaging friend and foe alike.
  • Elite variants will set themselves on fire, adding a fire effect to their explosion similar to a molotov, and can be identified by the rushers waving their arms around like maniacs.
  • These units are at their most dangerous when an Agent is distracted by other Outcasts.
  • A single one can spell doom if they can get close enough before they are noticed. Due to this, Agents should keep an eye out for these units when Outcasts are present, and prioritize destroying them when possible.
  • No notable Rushers.

The thought of these guys scurrying round trying to get a buch of psychopaths to use incendiary rounds would make me laugh if it wasn't so frightening. If you don't manage to destroy their ammo crate, make sure to stop by and grab some of those incendiary rounds for yourself.

The support unit's primary objective is to provide their allies with ammunition on the battlefield. Picked for their speed, they are comprised of the most physically fit members of the Outcasts.

Strategic Data

  • Unit that places down ammo boxes for his allies and are armed with a Black Market T821 (regular) or MP7 SMG (Veteran/Elite).
  • These ammo boxes contain special ammo that then can be picked up by other Outcasts. This box can be shot and will damage anything in a small area.
  • They can be identified by the large backpack on their back, as well as their unhelmeted heads and yellow sleeveless T-shirts.
  • Although they are much like the Assault archetype, they are far more dangerous as their bullets can cause burning in certain instances.
  • Regular and Veteran versions use Incendiary Ammo, while the Elite variants utilise shock rounds. They usually drop special ammo upon death.
  • There is a special ammo box on their backpack that if shot will do explosive damage and disable their ability to place down ammo boxes.
  • Notable Supports include the Epidemic (Bounty) and The Sparse (Bounty).

The bow may not be the most high-tech solution to ranged combat, but it does carry some advantages. Chief among them are silence and the ability to attach explosives. If you say one word about 'my people' using them because I'm First Nations, I'm going to rip you a new one.

Snipers use a bow and arrow on the battlefield to preserve ammunition. When they are not fighting, they spend their time crafting arrows and experimenting with different arrowheads.

Strategic Data

  • A Long-range bowman unit that wields a bow with explosive arrows, and an M1911 (regular) or a M45A1 (Veteran/Elite) at close range.
  • These arrows have travel time, and the "sniper glare" is attached to them, making them easy to dodge if one is attentive enough.
  • When an arrow hits an agent, it causes heavy damage and staggers the agent out of cover, and then explodes for more damage and stagger.
  • This can expose agents to attacks from other units, making Bowmen potentially very deadly to distracted agents.
  • When a Bowman is drawing his bow, he can be interrupted, which will cause him to blow himself up with his own arrow.
  • Their quiver is also vulnerable and can be blown up with a few well-placed shots.
  • Elite variants fire arrows that contain incendiary arrows that after exploding, cover the ground in fire for a short time.
  • Named Outcast Snipers in the Dark Zone are equipped with flash-bang grenades.
  • Elite and Bounty variants including named Outcasts use stolen SHD Tech Incinerator Turrets and fire explosive incendiary arrows that do damage to a certain area over time after exploding on contact.
  • Notable Snipers include The Owl (Potomac Events Center) and the Bylun (Bounty).

Alcohol, rag and a bottle. Simple. Brutal. Effective. Don't ask 'em for a light. The common tool of vandals and rioters has become the symbol of warlords and murderers.

Throwers are equipped with Molotv cocktails made from whichever explosive or flammable compounds they can find at the time : petrol, gas, industrial grade laundry detergent. Throwers are prone to self-immolation. It's not uncommon for them to perish during the manufacturing process.

Strategic Data

  • Offensive units equipped with an M1911 (regular) and an MP5A2 SMG (Veteran/Elite) that throws molotov cocktails.
  • They can be identified by their yellow baseball caps.
  • The molotovs they throw leaves a patch of fire around an area for a length of time, and will explode on impact, so evasive maneuvers must be taken while they are still in midair.
  • Just like Grenadiers of other factions, they can be interrupted mid-throw, and their red pouch on their right thigh can be destroyed. Note that if their molotov is shot out of the air, the fire will spread to the ground right under it, regardless of how high in the air the cocktail was. 
  • Elite variants throw white phosphorus grenades that detonate after a short fuse, similar to an elite True Sons Thrower. 
  • Notable Throwers include The Cursed (Free Roam) and the Liberation (Bounty).
  • Named Outcast Throwers in the dark zones will be equipped with concussion grenades. 

Came up against a few of these a while back. Can't say I'm a huge fan of theirs. Though I'd guess they're not a huge fan of mine at this point, either. Keep your head down and get your flank on. That ammo pouch makes a great target.

The Heavy Weapons unit uses light machine guns and suppression techniques to immobilise their enemies. Many of them were formally riot police and know the streets of DC well. They often hold live drills in rural areas of the city to test new tactics.

Strategic Data

  • Unit armed with an Military RPK-74 M LMG and PF45 pistol that provide suppressive fire with their LMG.
  • They wear bandannas and have shaved heads, similar to Suicide Bombers.
  • Functionally, they are very similar to True Sons' Heavy Weapons, (the ammo pack weak spot and suppression tactics) but they lack the armoured helmet and ability to go prone.
  • If their ammo pack is hit they will flail as their ammo pack goes off, but if they survive they switch to their PF45. Only veteran and higher ranks appear to spawn.
  • Bounty Heavy Weapons have more armor, throw incendiary grenades and use armour repair kits, as well as use their LMG even if the ammo pack is detonated.
  • Notable Heavy Weapons include The Corpulent (Potomac Events Center), The Raven (Manning National Zoo), The Spitfire (Kenly College), and The Kin (Kenly College).

Their dogs are inspired by fear of punishment, not love of owner, and that tells pretty much everything you need to know about these guys. Anyone who beats their animals to keep them in line doesn't have a place in this world or the next. Our treatment of animals is a reflection of our deepest morality.

Controllers operate RC cars equipped with spinning blades. They find a great sense of satisfaction in seeing their enemies get brutally slashed apart. Many of them previously worked as mechanics or engineers.

Strategic Data

  • Technical unit that utilizes an RC car equipped with sawblades.
  • They can be identified by the large antenna protruding from their backpack and Double Barrel Shotgun (regular) and Military M870 (Veteran/Elite) shotguns. 
  • These RC cars will rush towards their target and attempt to cut them apart with the spinning saws.
  • When they connect, the victim will suffer constant heavy damage and bleeding effect if they do not get out of the way.
  • Additionally, the RC cars are heavily armored on the front and sides, but they have a weak spot on the rear.
  • The RC can be avoided with a dodge roll, which exposes its weak backside, and the saws can be destroyed, rendering the RC useless.
  • Dodging also can make the car get stuck on a wall for a few seconds, making it immobile.
  • Notable Controllers include The Blade (DCD Headquarters).
  • Controllers in the Dark Zones will instead deploy an RC Car with an incendiary payload, similar to Elite Hyena Controllers.

Back in April, we had one of these guys walk up to Haven's gate and just start on it with his sledge. I think he thought the metal made him some kind of superhero. What the honest-to-god-fuck is wrong with these guys? Strapping that much metal to yourself and bashing people's brains in with a hammer is next-level crazy.

Tanks have been recruited based on their physical strength. Once they've picked a target, they won't stop attacking until their victim is dead. Outside of combat, Tanks perform most of the manual labor tasks inside Outcast settlements.

Strategic Data

  • Heavily-armored melee unit armed with a sledgehammer.
  • They walk towards their target, but will switch to sprinting if they get close enough.
  • They deal very high damage with each swing, but their attacks are slow, and leave the tank vulnerable to a counterattack.
  • Agents that get accustomed to the timing of each swing can easily dodge roll away from each attack and strike back for heavy damage.
  • Named Outcast Tanks are faster and do more damage per hit.
  • Some named Tanks in the Kenly College Expedition are armed with flamethrowers.
  • Named Tanks in the Dark Zones have stolen SHD bombardier drones and DC-62 grenades.
  • Notable Tanks include The Basilisk (Roosevelt Island), The Devourer (Unique, armed with a fire axe) (Manning National Zoo) The Harsh (Unique, armed with a flamethrower) (Manning National Zoo), and the Bloodhound (Federal Emergency Bunker).
  • Two tankers with more dangerous attacks (Fire Axe (The Devourer) and a Flamethrower (The Harsh) ) are holed up as Emeline's Guards in Manning National Zoo.

Flamethrowers? Who gave them flamethrowers? It just seems a bad idea to give legitimate crazies access to fire. I've got a bad feeling about how this one is going to play out.

Scorchers were originally formed to utilize the Outcast's abundant fuel supplies. They began using flamethrowers in combat and quickly became one of the most feared units on the streets of DC.

Strategic Data

  • Typically female Outcast members that utilise homemade flame throwers and can be recognised from their soot-streaked goggles and sleeveless tops.
  • They are similar to the Cleaner Sweeper/Cleaner Incinerator from the original game, but their weak spot is the red fuel tank they carry on their waist. Destroying the fuel tank will cause heavy damage to them, or in certain instances, (such as on regular variants) kill them up front.
  • If their fuel tank is shot, it explodes, deals explosive damage after a short countdown and leaves the scorcher unable to use their flamethrower, and will switch to a Tactical M1911 (regular) or a Police 686 Magnum (Veteran/Elite), similar to the heavy weapons.
  • Notable Scorchers include The Wildfire (Roosevelt Island) and The Pure (Kenly College).


Burn out the blight!
- A Male Outcast advising other Outcasts that he's throwing a Molotov Cocktail at Division agents

Hurts doesn't it, agent!
- A Male Outcast landing hits on Division agents

You will pay for your crimes!
- A Male Outcast condemning Division agents for icing an Outcast

Haven't you done enough?!
- A Male Outcast condemning Division agents for icing an Outcast

Fuck! Do I look like your ex?!
- A Female Outcast pinned down by gunfire from Division agents

Where was that medkit when people needed it at Roosevelt!?
- A Division agent using an armor repair kit

Whose left?!
- A Division agent guns down another member from the Outcasts

Damn, not another one!
- A Division agent kills another member from the Outcasts

Fuck you Hyena!
- A Male Outcast finishing off a Hyena

Hyenas...drugged up fucking lunatics.
- A Male Outcast regard his view towards the Hyenas

Light them up!
- An Outcast Thrower throwing a molotov

Bring Light to the darkness!
- An Outcast Thrower throwing a molotov

That's cheating, agent!
- A female outcast catching a Division agent using an armor kit or some sort of medical aid

Stop that agent healing!
- A male outcast catching a Division agent using an armor kit or some sort of medical aid

Winged that Son of a bitch!
- An Outcast Heavy Weapons attacking a Division agent

This for real!?
- An Outcast heavy weapons spots a grenade

- An Outcast Heavy Weapons spots a grenade

Just bagged a Hyena.
- Male Outcast killing a Hyena

Fuck you, Hyena dipshit!
- A male Outcast attacking a Hyena

Hyena dead.
- An Outcast gunning down a Hyena

You'll pay for that, you shit!
- A Female Outcast condemning a Division agent killing an Outcast


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