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The P416 is an Assault Rifle in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Overview Edit

The POF P416 has exclusive skins through the Hazmat Gear Set, National Guard Gear Set and the Paramedic Agent Gear Set.

The Hazmat variant is a reward for pre-ordering the game, while the digital camo version is received through the Gold Edition with the rest of the National Guard Gear Kit. In the Hazmat Kit, it appears in a white camouflage with an orange "hex-pattern" decal overlaid on the white. In addition, medical tape is wrapped around the grip and the magazine of the weapon.

In the National Guard Kit, the weapon appears with a unique digital camo paint scheme. With the Paramedic Kit, the weapon is mostly in a custom light gray scheme with a black magazine. On the magazine is blue medical tape at the bottom with 'EM1' written on it.

Compared to other assault rifles, the P416 is a fairly well-balanced weapon with a high rate of fire and decent damage per shot.

Variants Edit

  • Military P416
  • Custom P416 G3
  • EMT P416 (Paramedic Gear Set)
  • Hazmat P416 (Hazmat Gear Set)
  • JTF P416 (National Guard Gear Set)

Real world Weapon Edit

The POF P416 is made by the American company Patriot Ordnance Firearms. It was one of the first rifles - alongside the HK416 - to add a gas piston operating rod to the AR platform in an effort to further improve reliable functioning of the AR-15 family of weapons.

Trivia Edit

The P416 has appeared in several other Tom Clancy and Ubisoft games. It appears in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 as the P416, a late-game weapon usually found on stronger enemies. It also appears in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Splinter Cell: Blacklist as the "Goblin". In both games' multiplayer, it serves as a hard-hitting bridge between SMGs and heavier assault rifles. It is also extremely popular, which may explain its inclusion as a bonus weapon within Tom Clancy's The Division.

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