April's text in blue pen:

The way it looks to me is the only way to mitigate risk is to not leave your house. And I don't have a house. Social distancing didn't really work out because I had take care of Eva. I got away with it, or at least I think I did. What's the incubation period? Am I still going to get sick? How do you ever know? How do you ever stop WORRYING?


You can't prevent everything, but you can certainly prevent one thing: being caught unprepared. That may sound a little circular, but the vast majority of people who die in the first weeks and months following a catastrophic failure of city systems - a TEOTWAWKI situation - should have "I wasn't ready" carved on their tombstones. (Except most of them won't get tombstones.)

April's text in black pen:
(pointing to "I wasn't ready") What's the old joke? "I told you I was sick..."

Be prepared. As my Dutch ancestors said, "Een gewaarschuwd mens telt voor twee." ("A single warned man counts as two:) By being prepared, you prevent vulnerability to the initial chaos of a collapse, and you may well prevent your own death and the deaths of the people you care about.

In a more nuts-and-bolts sense, if you have water, you prevent thirst. If you have food, you prevent hunger. If you have a space blanket and a place to stay, you prevent freezing to death. If you have hydrogen peroxide, you prevent fatal infections. Get the idea?


If you can't prevent something from happening, you can at least mitigate the risk of responding to it. For example, a standard response to a pandemic is called "social distancing". That simply means keeping people apart as much as possible to minimize contagion. It's a mitigation strategy.

April's text in black pen:
That's why CERA told us to wait for vaccine teams - who never came

Your own mitigation strategies should take the form of risk analysis, a kind of cost-benefit thinking applied to activities that might be dangerous. Should you break into an apartment and look for rice? Should you go to a government food-drop site

April's text in red pen:
I looted dead bodies. That's where we are, Merch. Are you still out there watching this all happen? Or did the Bug get you? There's something about this backpack. Oh my God I saw it - 

April's text in pencil:
i have yet to meet a single person in this city who has had a vaccine. Even the JTF personnel say they didn't get it. Maybe they were told to say that (like you mentioned somewhere else, Merch), but I don't think much if any vaccine ever got here. Who got it? Was there any??


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