• Important papers - They're only important if normalcy is going to be restored quickly. In the situations we're discussing, that's not going to happen.

April's text in black pen:
Outside a deli that's somehow still open: "BARTER ONLY! YOUR MONEY'S NO GOOD HERE"


  • Needle and thread - The tough kind that you can use to punch through leather, canvas... or skin.
  • Superglue - Useful for sticking things together, of course, and one of those things is skin. If you have a cut that would otherwise require stitches, quite often you can glue it together.
  • Multitool with pliers - The good ones have a small knife, screwdrivers, scissors, a file, and a hacksaw blade.
  • Knife with a heavy blade - You'll need to cut something significant eventually, and your 2.5-inch multitool blade won't be up to it.
  • Magnifying glass - Primarily as a backup means to start a fire, although it also can be useful in first aid
  • Dental floss - It really deserves its own entry. See "Improvising Solutions" for more details.
  • Monofilament fishing line - In addition to catching fish, you can use this to hang a tarp, stitch a wound, etc.
  • Pry bar - Essentially, a pry bar multiplies your strength. In an ongoing catastrophe, you'll need to break a lock off a door or pull up nails at some point.
  • Candles - Alternate source of light and dryer of wet clothing.
  • Matches and lighters - You can never possess too many ways to start a fire.
  • Space blanket - It folds up into a package the size of a handkerchief but can keep you alive on a cold night.
  • Binoculars - In a collapse environment, you're going to want to scout an unfamiliar location before you approach it.

April's text in blue pen:
(pointing to "Space blanket") Where do you find a space blanket? I don't think there's a NASA store in Times Square


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